Agent Turnover

Why Turnover Happens

CallMe! recognizes that turnover happens in call centers for a variety of reasons. In order to attack your attrition and attrition related costs, call center management must take a holistic view. We believe turnover can be greatly reduced by identifying root causes and attacking them head on. It is important to keep in mind:

* Employee turnover is caused by a mix of internal and external factors.
* There is no one silver bullet to lower attrition. Instead, we need a blended approach that addresses gaps in internal and external areas.
* Each organization is unique. It is important to identify the root causes of turnover within a call center and address them directly.
* Importantly, CallMe! utilizes a completely Self-Funding model in pricing our services. Learn more about our Self-Funding model here.

Our Approach

CallMe! takes a systematic 5-step Approach to addressing the call center agent attrition. Our approach is designed to identify root causes and so that we can partner with our clients to implement targeted solutions to directly attack the underlying issues.