Executive Coaching

Effective Global Leadership coaches and facilitates workshops for executives who navigate — and succeed in — the new global economy and multicultural business environments. Started more than a decade ago by Maureen Bridget Rabotin, Effective Global Leadership is comprised of a network of cross-cultural training consultants and certified executive coaches, all of whom work to ensure clients are effective and lead in the context of sustainability and interdependence.

Companies are no longer local, regional or national — they are global. As the world gets increasingly flatter, newly emerging economies, political structures and the pursuit of cultural identities are some of the many challenges globalization has brought to the forefront. To be successful in today’s ever-evolving environment, executives need to master intercultural competencies by developing cultural intelligence and emotional intelligence along with understanding enough about neuroscience – how to motivate, get buy-in, and ownership to engage geographically dispersed team members for the long term.