With 37 years of organizational assessment experience, Sirota knows every aspect of employee research, and we are strong in customer and stakeholder research as well.

Employee Engagement Surveys and Tools

We often tailor our proven six-phase employee survey process to meet client needs. The result is two-fold: senior leaders get new areas for focus to drive business outcomes, and line managers get clear data and insightful analysis. Find out about employee engagement, attitude, or satisfaction surveys.

Employment Life Cycle Research

To help you (HR) support the overall enterprise, we’ve introduced an Employment Life Cycle survey suite. We offer research and data warehousing/analysis to help you with the many challenges of managing employees, from “hiring prospect” to “retire”. We offer On-boarding, Leadership Assessment, Career Progression, and Exit surveys.

360° Surveys

Some 360° surveys follow a routine process and do not adequately address rater inflation and other critical issues. In contrast, Sirota customizes our four-step process for 360° surveys, for example by linking 360° results with data from your employee surveys and other elements of the employee life cycle.

Multi-Stakeholder Research

Customer surveys have long formed a core part of our survey offerings, and we specialize in creating linkage reports between customer and employee data. Based on the new, more interdependent environment in which most corporations now operate, we have recently introduced a broader multi-stakeholder evaluation instrument.

Survey Tools

Since 1972, we have focused on survey results that are used. In that spirit, we recently spent a year working with our clients to introduce Maestro. Maestro is Sirota’s new, highly acclaimed Survey Reporting and Action Suite focused on helping your line managers answer 3 basic questions:

1. How am I doing?
2. What should I do?
3. How should I do it?

Highlights of the Maestro suite include:

* A One-Page "Dashboard" – Concise and easy to read, with your managers' key strengths and opportunities
* A Key Driver Grid – Quickly directs your managers to those items from the survey that need the most immediate attention
* SORT™ – The Sirota Online Reporting Tool allows you to run your own reports and analysis, in response to special requests and needs.
* ActionTracker™ – This tool tracks actions resulting from the survey at the individual, unit, and organizational levels. It guides managers through the use of best-practices and now links with your manager reports.
* Mentor Matching (patent pending) – A striking, new after-survey action tool that uses an interactive process to intelligently match best-in-class managers with those who need help in critical dimensions identified in the survey data.

Some of the other tools in Sirota’s suite:
Project Central – serves as your central ‘command center’ for the entire project, with master documents, timetables, team contacts, and much more

Organizational Coding Tool – the site where Sirota loads your manager reporting hierarchies and relevant organization information; with this tool, we can easily account for such complexities as matrix reporting relationships.

Survey Authoring Tool – allows you and other users to build and field a pulse survey that is chosen from a menu of survey items and receive manager reports

Translation Tool – a site for you and your HR colleagues to review and amend translated surveys; this tool also ensures that all the versions of the survey and manager reports contain the same translation.

Response Counts – a site to view real-time participation rates by company location, business unit, and demographic