Tableau Desktop

Create and share amazing data analytics in minutes
Tableau puts the power of visual analysis at your fingertips.

Tableau Desktop is a software application based on a technology breakthrough from Stanford University. It lets you graphically analyze virtually any structured data to produce beautiful charts, graphs, dashboards and reports in minutes. With Tableau’s easy to use drag-n-drop interface you'll be quickly customizing views, layouts, shapes, colors and more to help you present your data insights.
Why you’ll love Tableau Desktop

* Makes data analysis a breeze. An effortless drag and drop interface.
* Fits into your world. Works with a variety of data files and databases.
* Data scalability. No limit on the size of data you can work with.
* Free training. Live or On-Demand training online.
* Downloads in minutes. Get started right away.

Tableau Reader

View and interact with Tableau Desktop workbooks
Extend the benefits of data visualization, analysis and collaboration to teams and workgroups. For Free.

Tableau Reader is a free PC application that lets people view analytical insights and visualizations built in Tableau Desktop.

Desktop users create interactive data visualizations and publish as packaged workbooks. With Reader colleagues can interact with results by filtering, sorting, and examining data.
Why you’ll love Tableau Reader

* Easy Collaboration. Share analytical insights built in Tableau Desktop.
* Interactive. You can filter, sort and drill down to specific details.
* It's FREE. Just download and start exploring.

Tableau Server

True self-service business intelligence software
Tableau Server is business intelligence software that provides browser-based analytics anyone can learn and use.

Tableau Server is a software application that makes sharing live, interactive data visualizations, dashboards, reports and workbooks from Tableau Desktop fast and easy. With enterprise-class security and performance to support large deployments. And extract options let you manage the load on your mission-critical databases and cubes.

Recently included in Gartner's highly regarded Magic Quadrant report for business intelligence platforms, this software deploys in minutes and is easy to maintain. Users can publish and collaborate via a web browser. Or embed Tableau views in other web applications. Business users can produce thousands of reports without the need of IT. And all within your existing IT infrastructure. People with Tableau Interactor licenses can interact, filter, sort and customize views. People with Tableau Viewer licenses can see and monitor views as published. Your company will be up and running in minutes.
Why you’ll love Tableau Server

* Fast web analytics. Put live interactive analytics on the web in seconds.
* Data scalability. No limit on the size of data you can work with.
* Replace or Give Life to Your BI Platform. Replace your BI Platform completely, or run Tableau in parallel with your current system.
* Built to suit different kinds of users. Provide Interactor licenses to people who want to interact and customize the views. Provide Viewer licenses to people who just want to view and monitor.
* Free training. Live or On-Demand training online.


Avoid waste by analyzing resource allocation See Live Visualization
Hire too little and grwoth and quality suffer. Hire too much, and costs go up as productivity goes down. Companies must ensure that they’re well covered for key positions but not over-saturated to avoid waste of time and money.

Tableau lets you monitor trends in demand as well as drill into more specific details so you can find areas to be more productive.

The dashboard lets you select a particular dentist to see the monthly trend in visits. Select a given dentist to view his or her patients profile. Such information can identify areas of expertise and help you target your marketing spend or hiring decisions.

Staffing Analysis

Identify patterns in hiring, firing and promotions across your company See Live Visualization
Until you collect all of your personnel data and look at it you don't know what is really going in your workforce. This dashboard gives a simple and clear view into how many people are changing positions, joining or leaving the company. Hiring is up, but transfers are down.

The lower views show last year's performance rating broken down by supervisor, employee type and terminations by group. This type of analysis can be done by any Excel user in Tableau Desktop, and you can share the results with managers via Tableau Server-- securely, right in a web browser.

Succession Planning

Avoid gaps in key roles by managing your succession plan See Live Visualization
Visual analysis can help you identify areas of risk that you otherwise might miss in a large workforce. This view shows all the groups in your company by age and number of employees. The groups that have very few and relatively older members need to be targeted for succession planning to reduce risk.

Survey Analysis

Survey data is an important link between business and consumer, but it can be difficult to analyze efficiently. Avoid wasting time with cumbersome analytics tools and endless queues. With Tableau Desktop, you can analyze your survey data in real time and share with colleagues on Tableau Server.

Create interactive dashboards from multi-response surveys
Perform segment and profile analysis to learn more about your market
Group and re-alias dirty survey data into digestible cross-tabs