Applicant Tracking

EPIC Software’s web-enabled candidate and applicant tracking system of choice enables organizations to quickly attract, select and hire the right talent with the right skills at the right time for lower cost. EPIC Software streamlines and automates the entire Sourcing, Interview Scheduling, Critical Behavior Interviewing, Recruiting, Selection and Hiring process. As a candidate and applicant tracking system created by recruiters for recruiters, it provides intuitive embedded, end-to-end recruitment workflow.

With the click of a mouse you can post Job Orders on the system, Intranet and/or Internet Job Boards. With the ability to create and administer automated online screening tests to pre-sort applicants, you can choose to focus on only those Applicants that meet your profile requirements. Add Interviewing Questions, important interview notes, 3rd Party Assessments and any other documents you would like to include in a Candidates file.

Online reporting and graphics track the status of where Applicants are in the pipeline and their associated timelines. Launch customized variable string searches of Candidate Resumes by whatever search criteria you choose, including multiple Boolean expressions (e.g., AND, OR, NOT, Partial Match, Nested AND, Nested OR, Nested BOTH) and save commonly used search criteria so that you can use them again in the future. Unlike industry standard applications, our search capability works with all commonly submitted resumes such as: .txt, rtf, .doc and .docx resumes.

During our Configuration and Implementation Phase we can upload all of your existing Resumes, Job Postings, Contacts and Company Information so that you are literally up and running in days!

Web-enabled; Share the same data at a single site or across multiple sites
Job Order/Requisition Management
Identify & Code hire priority jobs as “Hot Jobs”
Job Posting to External Boards (linked with national & local job boards)
Detailed Applicant Tracking
Create and automate the Administration and Scoring of Pre-Screening Questionnaires
Interview Scheduling (e.g., Telephone, On-site and Panel interviews)
EEO Compliance Tracking & Reporting
Templates (offer letters, new hire notification, etc.)
Interfaced with all common eMail Applications; Launch & Send emails from Within the Application
Lower your Recruiting Costs while Improving the Quality of your Hiring Decisions
Improve Retention and Employee Satisfaction
Free up time taken to complete Manual processes and make Recruiting more Strategic

Want to impress your CFO? …We don’t charge for our Candidate & Applicant Tracking system of choice – that’s right, you read that correctly – the software is free. We do, however, charge a modest fee for the configuration, implementation and ongoing management of the software and may, from time to time, vary the fee for those low monthly costs according to bandwidth usage and other technology requirements, maintenance requests and business variables.