Attendance Management

The published schedules are then used as the basis for Attendance Management where exceptions to the planned hours are flagged in real-time from any location.

Attendance Management includes a wide range of options for managing actual attendance, calculation of hours, management of sick pay and holiday schemes and compliance to the working regulations. Clocking and non-clocking arrangements are fully supported and interfaces into payroll and from HR systems can be configured.

Worked hours, overtime, sickness, holidays and other forms of absence are all addressed within a framework of an organisation's working arrangements, business rules, labour laws and company pay rules.

Arrival and departure may be registered through clocking terminals (badge or biometric), telephone SMS or from the web. The daily and weekly time sheets provide a clear visibility of exceptions, where employees have not worked according to the planned shift pattern if arriving late, leaving early, absent or not registering, within pre-defined tolerances. Clearing exceptions en-mass and approving the timesheet is a simple, one-click process.