Bring key business and performance data together for powerful, actionable insights.
Integrate data from all your business applications with SuccessFactors' Business Execution Software suite—through the cloud—and get the full what, why and how of your organization's performance.

SuccessCloud allows third-party applications and data from other business systems to connect and integrate with the SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite. SuccessCloud is made up of three core components:


* DataConnect—Bi-directional sharing of information between SuccessFactors and other business applications. This allows customers and developers to integrate business execution and performance data in the SuccessFactors suite.
* AppConnect—Provides for deeper integration between SuccessFactors and third-party applications, allowing businesses to extend the SuccessFactors platform by integrating through a published set of Web services.
* BizAnalytics—Presents data from SuccessFactors and other business applications, in powerful preconfigured reports and dashboards providing insights into business performance throughout the entire organization. Customers and partners can also custom build reports ensuring the right information is presented in the right context allowing managers to make more informed decisions.

Current SuccessCloud integrations include IBM Lotus Connections and IBM WebSphere Portal, GeoLearning and Skillsoft. Additionally, Conformity, SnapLogic, Cast Iron and Pervasive Software, have announced development efforts to support SuccessCloud. It's easy to get started:

You can quickly and easily adopt SuccessCloud to switch on integration with existing partners, or establish a connection with a new vendor. Contact SuccessFactors to learn how to maximize your organization's execution by integrating your discrete systems.
Application Providers:

SuccessFactors DataConnect, AppConnect and BizAnalytics make it easy for vendors to connect with SuccessFactors. Contact Us to gain access to our connectors and plug into SuccessCloud ecosystem.


Create Professional, Consistent Reviews in Half the Time – for FREE.

Employee Reviews. Fast and Easy.
Whether you are a manager in a small business, or work in a company of thousands, EasyReviews helps you write professional performance reviews quickly and painlessly. Writing reviews doesn't have to be hard. Get EasyReviews from SuccessFactors and see just how simple and speedy employee reviews can be.Free Performance Evaluations

* Professional, consistent employee reviews for up to 10 people
* Easy-to-use for quick AND thorough reviews
* Web-based for 24x7x365 anywhere access

Get started right away. Register to access EasyReviews now. Upon registration you will have immediate access to begin your review process with the benefit of these product features:

* Writing Assistant helps you quickly find the words for any situation.
* Skill Library with over 50 skills to help you get started with your evaluation.
* Step-by-Step Guide walks you through an easy, 3-step review.

Watch a video tutorial to see just how easy it is or View some sample employee reviews.

Who should use EasyReviews?

Any individual manager looking to write good, professional performance reviews on up to 10 employees.
Start right now - for FREE!

Looking for a solution for a workgroup or company?

Need to review more than 10 employees? While EasyReviews is simple and perfect for 1 person with a workgroup, it’s not intended for a whole company. If you’re looking for a solution that goes way beyond your basic review form, where teams of people can provide reviews and you can link pay to performance as well, align goals across your organization, fill talent gaps with recruiting and succession, then our integrated suite of on-demand performance & talent management solutions is right for you. See the power and flexibility of our solutions for Mega, Enterprise and Mid-Sized businesses.

For Small Businesses, SuccessFactors Professional Edition is great for small businesses that want help with their employee performance and talent management.

Workforce Analytics

Do you find yourself making critical business decisions based on "gut feelings" or worse—something even less reliable? Workforce Analytics provide the powerful insights you need to make strategic workforce decisions.

Workforce Analytics is the centerpiece of a robust workforce strategy. It informs workforce decisions by helping companies understand what matters to the business, how they’re doing, where the issues are and what to do about it. Answers to these questions provide organizations with the ability to act with confidence when driving their strategic workforce initiatives.

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics provides you with the solid evidence you need to drive business decisions with impact.

* Built for business execution. Fully integrated with the SuccessFactors Business Execution software suite, * Workforce Analytics provides companies with a more complete picture of their workforce. All the insights and tools you need to take action are centralized for easy access and review.
* Expertise built in. SuccessFactors does the heavy lifting so you can be the hero. We have more than 30 years of expertise in workforce analytics built into our tools, technology, processes and services. SuccessFactors provides a reliable data foundation including the most trusted standard for workforce metrics and benchmarks and the tools that make everyone—novice users, executives and analytics gurus—successful 100 days after kick-off.
* Access to expert community. SuccessFactors consultants have proven excellence in workforce analytics, planning and metrics and are available to share best practices from hundreds of customers to accelerate your success. Customers can join an active community of their peers to learn from each other and share their experiences.

At the end of the day, Workforce Analytics provides the information you can use to create segmented action plans and workforce initiatives that drive greater business success. Learn how Workforce Analytics and our integrated suite of Business Execution solutions can help your organization make the best workforce decisions that improve business execution so they get the best results.

Performance Management

The performance of your employees is one of the most important factors in creating a successful business. And, employee evaluations stand as one of your most powerful tools for ensuring an engaged, focused and highly productive workforce.

With SuccessFactors, you’ll be able to easily measure individual employee contributions–accurately, clearly, and objectively.

* Identify your best workers. Gain real-time, actionable insight into employee performance.
* Revolutionize your employee evaluation process. Slash much of the time and costs associated with cumbersome paper-based review processes and complete your evaluations quickly and easily.
* Bring workforce performance to the next level. Transform your standard evaluation process into a dynamic feedback loop between managers, subordinates, and peers.
* Boost compliance. Create an audit trail of discoverable documents to ensure the legality of evaluations for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance and / or many other industry-specific regulations.
* Install a true meritocracy. Motivate and retain employees by creating a pay-for-performance culture.

Equip yourself with in-depth employee performance information necessary to decide who you want to keep, reward, or single out for targeted development to create a high-performing workforce. Learn how Performance Management and our integrated suite of Business Execution solutions can help your organization dramatically improve your alignment, execution, performance and results.

Goal Management

Successful companies depend on each and every employee's efforts, every day. You need everyone to understand where the company is headed, what the goals are from top-to-bottom and each person's role in making you successful.

How do you communicate your objectives to be sure everyone is working on the right thing at the right time? And, what if you suddenly need to change course? Can you get the rest of your organization to seamlessly shift and move in the new direction?

* SuccessFactors Goal Management helps your organization work as a cohesive team to cover more ground - faster.
* Improve goal alignment. Communicate your organization's strategic and tactical goals to provide greater visibility company-wide.
* Strengthen accountability. Assign individuals measurable and clearly articulated goals that are visible to others.
* Boost employee engagement. Managers and employees can see individual goals and the broader goals to which they are linked to understand better how day-to-day responsibilities contribute to the organization’s long-term goals.
* Reinforce goals every day to keep on track. Workflow allows employees to make frequent updates, gauge probability of success, and provide comments on their goals. Managers and / or team members can request updates to proactively identify and resolve any issues impeding success.

Your strategy, people, and work processes need to be effectively linked to realize true business success. Learn how our Goal Management and integrated suite of Business Execution solutions can help your organization dramatically improve your alignment, execution, performance and results.

Recruiting Management

World-class business results rely on outstanding talent executing your business strategy. How do you recruit better talent for your organization?

Recruiting has changed dramatically from the days of yesterday. Once focused on automating and improving process efficiencies, organizations are now, more than ever, looking for better ways to secure the best hires that can help drive business results. Social networking, unknown just a few years ago, has changed the way recruiting works and recruiters are seeking the best way to utilize this new medium. And, organizations are looking to break through recruiting silos to align the process with the overall talent management strategy and engage the entire hiring team.

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management empowers your hiring team with better collaboration. You’ll be able to recruit more effectively throughout the hiring process enabling your organization to find and secure better hires quickly, easily and with less expense.

* Built for business execution. Fully integrated with the SuccessFactors suite of business execution applications, Recruiting facilitates a strategic approach to hiring by making workforce planning, succession, and other key talent management functions integral parts of the recruiting process.
* Right for everyone. Unlike other recruiting solutions based on older technologies, SuccessFactors Recruiting has a one-page design that combines web 2.0 technologies with a consumer-like experience that’s easy-to-use for everyone involved in the hiring process—because recruiting is a team sport.
* Social and collaborative. Deep integration with leading social networking sites let recruiters access millions of great candidates, build relationships, and facilitate access to passive candidates and employee referrals at a fraction of the normal cost. SuccessFactors Recruiting facilitates collaboration internally to help everyone involved in the process share ideas and comments, working as a coordinated team.

Find new ways to recruit top-talent, reduce employee turnover and drive greater overall productivity and execution on goals to maximize your business success. Learn how Recruiting and our integrated suite of Business Execution solutions can help your organization dramatically improve your alignment, execution, performance and results.


Work Better Together

CubeTree improves employee productivity and teamwork by combining collaboration tools with a private social network for your organization. Users can keep each other up-to-date on their activities by following people and groups of interest, and by posting updates and comments. CubeTree advances teams’ ability to work efficiently in public and private groups by drawing on a wide array of tools, including blogs, wikis, Social Docs, polls, and task tracking. Using the same profile and organization data available in other SuccessFactors modules, CubeTree connects employees driving rapid adoption and jump-starting collaboration.

Built for Business Execution

Tightly integrated with the BizX suite, CubeTree allows organizations to:

* Break down organizational silos by enabling teams to work more effectively across departments and geographies
* Easily find content and experts to solve problems and get work done quickly
* Accelerate recruiting by simplifying resume review and discussion on candidates
* Streamline the on-boarding process
* Reduce travel and communication costs
* Improve employee engagement and satisfaction

Employee Central

Does your core HR data reside in siloed administrative systems separate from your strategic talent information? Is it difficult piecing together information to get a clear picture of your most strategic asset–People?

Managers benefit from a single system that provides a complete picture of their teams, enabling them to make intelligent talent decisions that increase business performance. A centralized system-of-record also raises employee productivity levels by increasing collaboration through knowledge sharing. The Next Generation of HR System provides much more than a simple database where employees update addresses–it's now a strategic tool driving success.

SuccessFactors Employee Central boosts productivity and provides leaders with critical talent insights to make better business decisions.

* Access one global system-of-record. Manage the complete workforce lifecycle and go beyond traditional HR data with a richer view of employees.
* Accelerate how work gets done. Easily find experts to collaborate with on projects every day.
* Make strategic business decisions. Correlate core HR and talent data with benchmarks and external business data to make informed talent decisions that improve business performance.

SuccessFactors Employee Central provides a secure, single, up-to-date source of truth for all employee information including administrative details and strategic talent information. By providing access to this information across the organization, you lay the foundation for everyone to execute better - every day. Learn how Employee Central and our integrated suite of Business Execution solutions can help your organization create a high-performing workforce, dramatically improve your business execution and gain even greater success.

Workforce Planning

Will global talent shortages or an aging workforce expose your organization to significant risks? Understanding and closing the gap between current and projected talent needs can make all the difference in your ability to execute strategy effectively.

Strategic workforce planning answers the question—“What are our business goals over the next several years and what kind of workforce will we need to reach those goals?" Once you know where you want to go, you can identify the type and amount of talent you need to get there.

SuccessFactors Workforce Planning helps ensure you have the right people with the right skills at the right time and cost to execute on corporate strategy now and in the future.

* Built for business execution. Fully integrated with the SuccessFactors Business Execution software suite, Workforce Planning delivers fact-based decisions that improve short- and long-term recruiting, succession, learning, development and other workforce initiatives. Your leaders can act with confidence when they have a clear understanding of the financial and operational implications of your plans.
* Expertise built in. With more than 30 years of expertise in defining, integrating and interpreting workforce information, designing workforce plans and developing strategic interventions, SuccessFactors has built their proven methodology and “strategy bank” right into the technology.
* Access to expert community. SuccessFactors consultants have proven excellence in workforce planning and are available to share best practices from hundreds of customers to accelerate your success. Customers join an active community of their peers to learn from each other and share their experiences.

Use Workforce Planning to reduce uncertainty and identify the right workforce strategies to put in place today to be prepared for the future. Learn how Workforce Planning and the rest of our integrated suite of Business Execution solutions can help you prepare your organization and dramatically improve your alignment, execution, performance and results.

360° Assessment

The 360 degree assessment is a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor as well as peers, reporting staff members, coworkers and customers. In fact, anyone who has useful information on how the employee does the job may be asked to participate in providing 360 degree feedback. Most 360 degree feedback assessments also allow the individual to respond in a self-assessment. The purpose of the 360 degree feedback is to assist each employee to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses and to contribute insights into aspects of his or her work needing professional development. Additionally, the employee receives a broader perspective of how they are perceived by others and views the feedback as more valid and objective, leading to greater acceptance of results of the evaluation.The results of the assessment are often used by the manager to plan employee training and development as well as support pay-for-performance decisions.


Plateau Advantage

Learning datasheet

Performance datasheet

Case Studies

DCP Midstream case study video

Irish Life case study

UGN case study video

ZionsBancorporation Case Study video

Talent Suite - Performance Management

Key Benefits

* Comprehensive Tools to Manage the Complete Assessment Process -supports the entire employee performance process and provide employees with a comprehensive view of their development.

* Alignment of Strategic Initiatives - synchronizes initiatives and cascades them down the organizational hierarchy, aliging them with departmental and individual goals.
* Integrated Learning and Performance Management System – provides a closed-loop process to fill employee performance and development gaps with targeted learning activities.

Being busy is not the same as producing results at the workplace. Investing in a performance management system ensures that you can focus your employees on the organization's critical goals - effectively and efficiently - and measure their performance against those goals.

Plateau Performance Management software offers you the integrated approach you need to develop employee potential, link strategic goals across business units, and improve performance management processes.

All Performance products include Plateau’s competency library with over 45 general and leadership competencies and 1,000 behavioral indicators. Plateau also provides reportingand analytics to track and measure performance management status and effectiveness.


* Flexible.
Our expert trainers lead interactive online and classroom offerings that can be customized to your needs.

* Effective.
All offerings are designed to train your employees quickly and efficiently to maximize product use.

* Experienced. All trainers have masters degrees in Instruction or Instructional Design and are product experts.

Well-trained employees are critical to meeting business objectives. Plateau Training Services offers comprehensive training services that will help you sharpen skills and maximize efficiency.

"Plateau’s Training Services group is extremely easy to work with, providing outstanding tailored instruction and customized materials that ease the challenge of moving to a new learning management system."
- Qualcomm Inc.

Training Services

Classroom Training

Leverage the expertise of the Plateau instructional team to train your organization in traditional or virtual classroom settings. Using formal classroom guides, hands-on exercises and live discussions, give your employees the chance to learn in a structured environment.

Training Strategy Support

Our experts will help you develop a custom training program that is specific to your organizational needs and will ensure that you have a training strategy that results in high user adoption and a successful implementation.

Technical Training

Deepen your technical expertise in Plateau with Plateau Talent Management installation, customization workshops, data integration, and custom reporting.

Customized Training Materials

Our instructional designers will work with you to design and develop training materials to fit your organization’s training needs. Materials can be developed for instructor-led training, web-based training, job aides, handbooks and more.

Virtual Classroom Training

From the convenience of your desk, you can now participate in intensive, hands-on, facilitated – live – online workshops that are designed to hone your skills and bring them to the next level.



Learning management -plateau

Plateau lms