Bring key business and performance data together for powerful, actionable insights.
Integrate data from all your business applications with SuccessFactors' Business Execution Software suite—through the cloud—and get the full what, why and how of your organization's performance.

SuccessCloud allows third-party applications and data from other business systems to connect and integrate with the SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite. SuccessCloud is made up of three core components:


* DataConnect—Bi-directional sharing of information between SuccessFactors and other business applications. This allows customers and developers to integrate business execution and performance data in the SuccessFactors suite.
* AppConnect—Provides for deeper integration between SuccessFactors and third-party applications, allowing businesses to extend the SuccessFactors platform by integrating through a published set of Web services.
* BizAnalytics—Presents data from SuccessFactors and other business applications, in powerful preconfigured reports and dashboards providing insights into business performance throughout the entire organization. Customers and partners can also custom build reports ensuring the right information is presented in the right context allowing managers to make more informed decisions.

Current SuccessCloud integrations include IBM Lotus Connections and IBM WebSphere Portal, GeoLearning and Skillsoft. Additionally, Conformity, SnapLogic, Cast Iron and Pervasive Software, have announced development efforts to support SuccessCloud. It's easy to get started:

You can quickly and easily adopt SuccessCloud to switch on integration with existing partners, or establish a connection with a new vendor. Contact SuccessFactors to learn how to maximize your organization's execution by integrating your discrete systems.
Application Providers:

SuccessFactors DataConnect, AppConnect and BizAnalytics make it easy for vendors to connect with SuccessFactors. Contact Us to gain access to our connectors and plug into SuccessCloud ecosystem.