Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We deliver local recruiting strength and best-practice RPO processes through the largest global footprint of any RPO provider. When your goal is to attract top talent across geographic regions, you need a recruiting partner that can mirror your organization's reach and local presence.

Managed Services Programs (MSP)

We provide customized, scalable solutions for contingent and project-based needs that are instrumental in driving quality, process, and performance improvements across the client organization, while providing risk mitigation and overall cost reduction.

Permanent, Temporary and Contract Recruitment

Manpower has the insight, resources and access to a global network of talent to provide your company with the people you need - just when you need them.

The quality of a candidate is not defined by his qualifications alone, but also by his ability to succeed within the particular organization for which he is hired to work. Manpower has always been the hallmark of quality recruitment because of our consistent focus on finding the right candidate to match the employer's environment and culture, as well as the job itself.

The goal is to find a place for each candidate where they can find not just a job, but a place to belong and grow. We find the best people for all types of jobs and industries at both the staff and professional levels.

Employee Assessment & Selection

We provide a wide array of assessments to validate candidate skills and ensure a good fit between the client and the employee, which leads to higher employee retention rates.

The recruitment process has become increasingly time consuming as employers are inundated with job applicants who come to them through online job boards and recruitment agencies. Whether the entire recruitment process is outsourced to Manpower, or just a single element, it enables the Human Resources department to focus on other, more strategic priorities, knowing that they can rely on us to find the right people - when and where they are needed.

Manpower finds the best people to help you increase flexibility and maximize performance; individuals, teams full-time and part-time, permanent or temporary staff. Quickly and when you need them fitting in your organization's structure and culture. We can provide short or long-term support giving you the flexibility of staffing up or down as the business demands.


We offer a wide choice of training and development solutions that help our employees, associates and clients' workforces to improve their skills and gain qualifications that will help them to succeed in the ever-changing world of work.

Growing your talent pool in an environment of increasing mobility requires a change in traditional mindsets around retention, loyalty and investment in career development. Manpower can help build loyalty within a mobile workforce, offering ready access to training and a new approach to measuring and managing talent at all levels.

As the skills required in today's working world change faster then ever before, people need quick and easy access to training, when and where they need it. Manpower's Direct Training programs include an online training center, which allows students to login for training 24 hours a day via the Internet. The site offers thousands of courses available in a variety of languages. It's an easy way for employees at all levels to update their skills, and it's free for all Manpower employees. We currently train 250,000 people around the world for many Fortune 500 organizations.


We are the world's largest outplacement firm, helping our clients better manage the human side of change by providing a positive way for employees who no longer fit the organization to transition out, obtain additional skills and find new employment elsewhere.

Manpower offers a complete range of career transition services, helping to strategically plan, practically implement and successfully conclude the job-change and career transition processes.

Our change and agility experts at Right Management work with clients and individuals to help them move beyond the traditional HR and change management processes, helping organizations benefit from the changes taking place in their industry and workplace.


We are one of the largest providers of recruitment process outsourcing in the employment services industry, enabling our clients to outsource the entire recruitment process for permanent and contingent staff to us, so they can focus on other areas of human resources.

Managers across all business functions - from IT to finance to engineering and beyond - look to Manpower to find and manage the people they need to complete their projects and provide the services required of their departments

Our outsourced teams blend seamlessly with our clients' organizations, making it easy for them to move auditing projects to Jefferson Wells or field engineering responsibilities to Manpower when there are not enough hours in the day to do it all internally.