Why Onboarding?

Effective onboarding requires that every individual involved in the onboarding process—from new employees and hiring managers to HR and other departments—needs to have the right information to be effective. This allows new employees to learn their jobs faster and become engaged sooner, increasing speed-to-productivity and drive to stay with the organization.

Onboarding involves everything from welcoming new hires into the organization to provisioning and form completion. Managing an effective onboarding process will help your company drastically reduce the amount of time it takes new hires to be fully competent in their jobs and fully engaged in the organization—improving productivity, increasing return on investment and improving compliance.

Benefits of Kenexa Onboarding

Our Onboarding solution is a powerful web-based application that eliminates paper, cycle time and data-entry errors associated with new employee onboarding. We provide a seamless bridge between the candidate experience and the employee experience, integrating with your Recruitment Technology, Performance Management and Learning Management systems, and driving high performance in your organization

* Flexible and Configurable
We provide an onboarding process that is flexible and configurable to your company. Our onboarding solution accommodates multiple onboarding processes with varying workflows and the distribution of new employee orientation packs specific to job level and department or division—drastically improving efficiency of previously decentralized, manual processes.

* Provisioning and Task Management
We dynamically manage all internal and external tasks associated with your onboarding process. This includes notification, collaboration and tracking of all onboarding activities to ensure all the tools new employees need, including IT support and tailored workstations, are ready on the first day of work.

* Easy and Complete Compliance
We maintain and update all required employment forms for every location you do business in, helping you easily manage company specific documents for the onboarding process. We also collect and track all new hire data to ensure you can easily produce compliance reports.

* Return on Investment

With our Onboarding solution, your company will quickly realize a Return on Investment. Beyond the benefits you receive from increased productivity and engagement, you will eliminate tactical expenses such as paper forms, physical storage requirements, manual data entry errors and administrative staffing costs. Your bottom line will not only reflect the results of increased productivity, but you will also save significant money on administrative costs.

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