Organization Management

Obtain Transparency into Your Human Capital Data

In tough economic times, it is essential to be able to react quickly and nimbly to market changes and deploy your talent where they will have the most strategic impact. Nakisa's OrgManagement capabilities provide you with the toolset required to get transparency into your workforce data and proactively plan for the future.

Seamlessly integrated as a powerful front-end layer to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, our 100% Web-based solutions empower you to access, visualize and model human capital and organizational structure information. Obtain a real-time, centralized source of accurate, up-to-date organizational information to enhance strategic decision making and workforce planning. Complete all of your OrgManagement initiatives through your ERP and avoid implementing other costly point solutions that duplicate effort.

Talent Management

Align Your Talent with Business Objectives

Talent management is top of mind for today's organizations that struggle to cope with the war for talent, aging workforce and globalization. Now more than ever, it is crucial for you to deploy your talent where they will have the most strategic impact. Nakisa Talent Management gives you valuable insight into your talent pool so you can analyze your talent and build a strong leadership pipeline.

Seamlessly integrated as a powerful front-end layer to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, our 100% Web-based solutions help you extend your business processes and platform to create a complete, end-to-end talent management solution.

SAP Visualization Solutions

Organization and Talent management solutions that are trusted, used and sold by SAP

SAP Visualization Solutions by Nakisa are fully integrated with your SAP ERP HCM backend, so you can leverage your existing investment in SAP enterprise software. The solutions provide an intuitive user interface for transparency of, and insight into your SAP HCM data. SAP Visualizations Solutions are developed with SAP, and are a key part of the SAP product and enhancement roadmap, enabling you to benefit from SAP's latest innovations.

They are the only solutions of their kind to pass SAP Premium Qualification, a rigorous process of validation that SAP uses to analyze and test products, including its own, in a number of categories, including; accessibility, functionality, performance, security and usability. In fact, SAP uses Nakisa capabilities globally to visualize and optimize their own HCM data. SAP Visualization Solutions by Nakisa are directly sold and supported by SAP around the world.

Two SAP Solution Extensions to support end-to-end Organization and Talent Management

To ensure the highest quality, SAP tests, validates, approves, and supports partner-developed Solution Extensions, to provide assurance of quality, commitment and greater return on investment. Nakisa provides two SAP Solution Extensions; SAP Organizational Visualization by Nakisa (SOVN), and SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN).

Oracle Peoplesoft Visualization

Visualize your workforce and plan for success
Nakisa's Organization Management solutions enable you to effectively visualize your organizational structure, and ensure you are prepared with a talent strategy that delivers on business objectives. These solutions enhance the Oracle platform through a visual, easy-to-use front-end with intuitive drag and drop functionalities.

Visualization Solutions by Nakisa offer validated integration through the PeopleSoft Enterprise portal, allowing application single sign-on (SSO).

Facilitate communication and collaboration with advanced organizational visualization

Visualization Solutions by Nakisa empower your employees to identify the resources they need to get their jobs done, quickly and easily. With detailed, real-time information about your workforce, employees have transparency of the organizational and reporting structure of your enterprise, including dotted line reporting.

Microsoft Visualization

Visualize your workforce and plan for success

Nakisa Organization Management solutions offer a dynamic visual front-end application that integrates tightly with the Microsoft environment, giving you in-depth, real-time visibility into your organizational structure and employee roles.

You are able to visualize and analyze your workforce data to better understand your company and make more informed decisions. And transparency into your organizational structure, employee roles, and reporting relationships allows your employees to quickly locate colleagues throughout the enterprise, improving communication channels, fostering greater collaboration and increasing productivity across your enterprise.
Nakisa solutions provide real-time connectivity and integration with your LDAP Directory. The solutions leverage single sign-on (SSO) functionality, and the user's identity and role information in the data source.

Foster innovation with advanced communication and collaboration functionalities

You can foster innovation across your enterprise with the communication and collaboration capabilities in the Nakisa solution. Even with a dispersed, mobile and globalized workforce, employees are able to utilize a flash-based organizational structure, and advanced search functionalities to quickly and easily locate the right colleagues to achieve their tasks.