Synerion's Scheduling system helps the organization quickly build multiple schedules, with forecasting costs based on employee rates. Used together, with the Time and Attendance module, it enables the comparison of planned schedule vs. actual attendance.

Key Benefits
• Assignment of employees to shifts to assure full coverage
• Visibility into forecasted resources and costs for any time period, e.g. daily or weekly etc., for better cost estimations
• Identifies deviations between budgeted and scheduled hours to maintain budget goals
• Reduces overtime and outsourcing costs by scheduling based on available attendance/absence balance and monthly limits
• Mitigates risks by compliance to legislative, union and contractual requirements

Key Features
• Ability to post schedules in advance for approval or change processes
• Pay to schedule capability to control operational costs
• Scheduling tasks/jobs within a shift for better tracking of work progress and associated costs
• Validates payments according to the planned schedule to control overtime payments.