Time and Attendance

Synerion's core solution – TimeKeeper, tracks and analyzes work hours, overtime, sick leave, vacation allowance and utilization, and all other types of attendance and absences. TimeKeeper takes into account your organization's specific requirements such as business rules, different employment agreements and shift patters, as well as labour laws and regulations, to provide you with a customized solution.

Key Benefits:
• Cost savings through accurate tracking of employee attendance, overtime, breaks etc., to ensure exact pay
• Supports a wide range of individual and collective employment agreements, to assure compliance with labour laws and regulations
• Enhanced productivity and minimal errors through automated business processes.

Key Features
• Tracking of arrivals and departures through a variety of data collection methods, such as attendance clocks, Internet reporting, biometric readers, landline and mobile phones and access control systems
• Display of up-to-date information that is easily accessible
• Reporting and BI tools about all aspects of attendance, absence, and overtime, for efficient planning of employee performance and comparisons of planned vs. actual measures
• Interfaces with enterprise systems from all vendors that eliminates the need to setup and update employee data in a separate system
• Seamless integration to all payroll systems.