The Recognition Collection! Award Selection Program

The Recognition Collection is one of Terryberry's most popular award programs. Employees choose an award they will enjoy from an array of options carefully selected for their quality, appeal and motivational impact. You simply set a budget for each achievement level. The award levels in the Recognition Collection allow you to appropriately reward and recognize the various levels of achievement, from beginning employees to career highlights.

* TurnKey Recognition Program- easy to implement and run

* 12 Award Levels - choices for any budget

* New Earth-Friendly Awards Options

* More Choices Than Ever - Brand names from Kate Spade, Tumi, Bushnell, Tourneau and more

* Online Award Selection using

* Custom Award Catalogs Available - display your logo, message, and custom award selection

* Worldwide Shipping with online order tracking and best on-time delivery in the industry

* Dedicated Customer Service - no-hassle returns, 24/7 call center available

More Award Choices

Twelve award levels offer more awards than ever for the diverse preferences of everyone in your group. Each award is elegantly customized with your corporate emblem to reinforce the symbolic connection. Offer the Prestige Collection, Lifestyle Collection, or both!

* The Prestige Collection features awards that are carefully selected for their timeless quality, including elegant clocks, jewelry, watches and many other choices.
* The Lifestyle Collection features items for the hobbies and lifestyles of your award recipients, including outdoor adventure items, home accessories, cameras, travel accessories, and much more.

The Recognition Collection is the perfect solution for years of service awards, sales incentives, performance achievement, or even company gifts. Contact us for more info about how to get started.

Lapel Pins, Charms, Tie-tacs

These customized employee award items are lasting recognition awards and a symbol of achievement that your employees keep with them. They uniquely reflect your company's identity in a positive way.


Every custom employee recognition gift ring tells a story. Display your company name and logo or show your corporate colors with gemstone options. You can also include the recipient's name, level of achievement, and employee award date.


Customized timepieces are a classic award to commemorate important milestones, acknowledge exceptional performance, provide incentives for continued achievement or anytime you want stylish employee service recognition gifts.

Custom Collection

The Custom Collection gives you complete control over which offerings of awards are available to your employees. Your Terryberry representative will help you design a Custom Collection expressly for your organization.

Special Awards

Do you need a special recognition jewelry award? Terryberry has created unique awards for many different types of organizations such as: nursing pins, police and fire departments, unions, championship athletic teams, and professional organizations.

Engraveable Employee Recognition Awards

Terryberry offers a wide selection of glass, optic crystal, acrylic, and award plaques to recognize employee performance, outstanding vendor support, and exceptional dealer sales. These unique awards often become the centerpiece of a desktop, mantel, office, or corporate lobby.

Award Presentation Kits

Award Presentation Kits are designed to help you create a WOW! moment for your employees. Each presentation kit combines a personalized certificate and a unique award in an attractive presentation box. Terryberry customizes each one for your award recipient, so it arrives ready for presentation.

Earth-Friendly Awards

Today's socially-conscious employees value working for an employer that makes a positive impact on their community, the world, and the environment. Attract and retain the best employees by implementing employee reward and recognition programs that reflect your organization's commitment to the environment.

Service Award Program

Service Awards Programs

Recognizing employees for their length of service is a great way to improve retention and boost morale and motivation in your organization. 9 in 10 companies recognize their employees for their years of service. These organizations have discovered that employee service awards and programs have the power to motivate their entire employee population toward higher levels of achievement.
Service Award Options & Types of Service Awards

Terryberry specializes in developing recognition award programs that positively reflect your organization's image. Our recognition experts can help you design a service award program from the ground up or breathe new life into an existing program. Our award collection offers exclusive employee service awards that are customized for your organization and designed to maximize the impact and reward for your employees. In this way, your employees experience the honor and distinction of a service award that cannot be purchased in a store, but can only be earned through achievement in your organization. From custom service award pins to functional lifestyle gifts and more, we feature the best quality products in a wide variety of styles to fit any budget.

Systems for Managing Administration of Your Service Awards

Terryberry offers a host of solutions to maximize the impact of your employee service awards program, while minimizing the administration. The Recognition Collection offers you a turn-key program to easily recognize greater years of service with service awards of higher value. With, seamlessly transfer your recognition program online for maximum flexibility and paper-less administration.

Terryberry's commitment to quality products and our clients is unsurpassed in the industry. We work with each client on an individual basis to find the perfect items that represent their company's spirit and style.

No matter what your needs, from a service award ring to a custom-engraved plaque, we're here to help you make the most of every employee service awards opportunity.

Browse our employee service awards collection today!

Promote Good Workplace Relations. Let Your Employees Give-A-WOW!

Promote Good Workplace Relations. Let Your Employees Give-A-WOW!

Sometimes, a little appreciation can make a world of difference. This can be especially true in the workplace. Employees might find themselves overworked or stressed out. And if they're working like this on a regular basis, they definitely need to know that their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Managers might not always be around to witness workers in action, but employees are. They might have experienced a situation when a co-worker stepped in to help them in the eleventh hour. Or they might know an employee who takes on extra tasks frequently and without complaining. So why not let them recognize the kind acts of their peers? Terryberry's Give-A-WOW! peer-to-peer recognition program allows employees to do just that.

Terryberry's innovative Give-A-WOW! employee recognition program gives employees the capability to:

* give instant thanks for a job well done
* applaud achievements
* give on the spot peer recognition awards for above and beyond performance
* communicate successes in your business
* connect your people with the goals and objectives of your organization

Discover the difference that Give-A-WOW! can make in the workplace. Learn more about Terryberry's Give-A-WOW! peer-to-peer recognition program.

Custom Sales Award and Sales Incentive Programs

Custom Sales Award and Sales Incentive Programs

Terryberry offers scalable programs for sales departments of any size. We'll help you implement and manage an incentive program that motivates salespeople and recognizes success. With the experience and resources to help you at any stage, we can assist with program design and goal-setting, award selection, promotion, and fulfillment. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Selecting the Right Incentives

The right sales incentives will fuel your salesteam's drive to win. Terryberry specializes in custom awards for maximum motivation and trophy value. From design, to manufacturing, to administration and delivery, we can help. And since Terryberry has no minimum orders, we can help you with one special award or we can help you implement a complete system for ongoing sales motivation and recongition.

Terryberry can help you create virtually any sales award that you have in mind. Popular incentive choices include:

* Custom award rings are a unique sales incentive that tastefully showcases your logo and can be personalized for the recipient.
* Reward varying achievement levels with AwardChoice tiered awards. Recipients select a reward of their choice from a variety of items at the pricepoint you specify. Print catalogs and online selection are available, and we handle all of the administration for you.
* Brandname lifestyle gifts like fishing gear, gourmet cooking tools, or photography equipment can be customized with your corporate logo.
* Engraved awards offer a permanent display to commemorate a sales achievement.

Online Incentive Programs

* AwardPoints is an online points-based incentive program for ongoing motivation. Participants earn points as they progress toward sales goals. Redeem points for rewards from Terryberry's large catalog.
* Give-a-WOW module shares successes among peers to engage the whole team - especially Gen Y

Getting Started

No matter what your sales goal or sales award idea, Terryberry's award consultants can help you implement a sales award program that will get maximum results. Contact us to discuss your needs or to get ideas.

What Terryberry Customers Are Saying:

"Our people work very hard each year and no one wants to fall short of their goal and fail to earn a ring or a diamond upgrade. That's motivation that goes beyond any sales training session or weekly meeting." - W.T., Mark Four Enterprises

"I would recommend Terryberry to anyone who wanted to increase their sales and enjoy happier, more energized employees."

"The rings and lapel pins that you have helped us develop are for the 'best of the best' in sales at PNC Mortgage. It is only fitting that the rings or lapel pins are presented for such an honor." -S.B., PNC Mortgage

Award Program Reporting

Award Program Reporting is a web-based performance recognition program where employees earn points for excellent work. Points can be collected and redeemed for items from Terryberry's large catalog of custom awards and gifts for any lifestyle.

Cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use, the AwardPoints program motivates and rewards the contributions that are most important to your business. Improve employee motivation and accelerate performance in your organization with this effective system.

How does AwardPoints help you accelerate performance?

* Your AwardPoints system is customized so you can give points for the contributions that matter most to you
* Employees collect and redeem points for customized rewards and gifts from Terryberry's large selection
* Unlike many points-based systems, AwardPoints is scalable for organizations of any size, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000.
* Access program history, progress, and enhancements through an easy-to-use administrative dashboard
* Reduce paperwork and ensure timely and accurate recognition through built-in email communication
* Simplify communication and allow offline program participants to print brochures, statements, and certificates
* Supervisors and top management can monitor account history and employee progress through easy-to-use reporting features
* Recognize employees from any internet-ready location via simple access to the administration dashboard
* Your AwardPoints program is customized to reflect your organization's brand and communicate your values on a continual basis

AwardPoints is a natural fit for performance recognition of any type:

* Employee attendance awards
* Safety incentives and awards
* Healthy lifestyles and wellness incentives
* Sales incentives
* Recognition for "Above and Beyond"
* Productivity levels

View an online demonstration of, or contact us to find out how to get started with an AwardPoints program for your organization.

Online Employee Recognition Programs

Terryberry's web-based recognition programs create a fun and engaging experience for your employees. Your business enjoys the simplicity of a professional, managed employee recognition system. Integrated systems for communication, award approval, and award redemption save you time and money.

Give A WOW! Peer-2-Peer Recognition Solution

It's a different kind of peer recognition program. Give A WOW! helps coworkers recognize and reward each other for their successes.

* Peer nomination lets coworkers recognize each other
* Recognition Wall creates a live, interactive recognition network
* Integrated approval & reward process makes administration simple
* Detailed reports provide insight for managers and leaders

Ignite the power of appreciation in your business with Give-a-WOW!

Learn more about Give-a-WOW!

AWARDCHOICE Award Selection Program

Your employees will enjoy choosing their own award for special milestones or achievements. Administrators enjoy the simplicity of a managed award redemption system.

* Easy-to-use online award selection program
* Employees select from time-honored awards and popular lifestyle items
* Award levels fit your budget for varying achievement levels
* Save time with automated reminders and confirmations
* Your company branding and messaging is consistent to employees

Try a Demo of AwardChoice

Terryberry's is a points-based performance recognition program. AwardPoints is a perfect solution for reinforcing positive contributions in your business. Terryberry has built successful AwardPoints programs for businesses to recognize customer service excellence, healthy lifestyles, improved attendance, safety goals, sales objectives and more. Easy-to-use and easy-to-manage, it's your best tool to maximize employee performance, encourage progress, and reward significant achievements.

* Give reward points for positive contributions
* Employees collect and redeem points for special rewards
* Select the awards for your program from Terryberry's huge selection
* Automated reminders and confirmations keep employees engaged
* Perfect for sales incentives, healthy lifestyles, attendance, customer service recognition, safety awards, and more.

Learn more about AwardPoints

Get info about online recognition programs for your organization.

Whatever it is that your organization is looking to recognize, improve, or achieve, contact Terryberry and we'll assist in developing an appropriate recognition solution that will feature stellar employee recognition gifts to be cherished for years to come.

RecognizeMe! Spot Recognition

Create a More Positive Work Environment with RecognizeMe!

It's important to maintain a positive work atmosphere. Sure you can achieve this by catering to your employees every whim, but there is one thing that may overshadow bonuses or fun work activities. That one thing is employee recognition.

Give Recognition On-the-Spot

Not feeling appreciated is one of the main reasons why people leave their jobs. And when a company loses good workers because of this, it may be even harder for that business to recover. Create a more positive work environment with on-the-spot employee recognition products from Recognize Me!

RecognizeMe! products were designed to make it easier to show appreciation or motivate employees. This line of colorful and exciting employee recognition products includes:

* Sticky Note Pads
* Thank You Notes
* Praise Pads
* Reward Coupons
* Milestone Cards
* & Recognition Certificates

Reduce employee turnover rates and create a positive atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie with employee recognition solutions from RecognizeMe! Learn more about this line of creative and fun employee reward and recognition products

Unique Retirement Gifts from Terryberry

Unique Retirement Gifts from Terryberry

Corporate retirement gifts from Terryberry are customized for your recipients and will be a valued career gift. Terryberry offers a wide selection of gifts for any budget, from custom-made executive awards, to classic choices like watches and clocks, to unique lifestyle gifts. We can help you create the perfect retirement gift for your organization and your employees.

Custom Retirement Gifts for Your Organization

Employee retirement gifts from Terryberry are customized for your organization. Give recipients a lasting symbol of their career achievements.

Retirement Gift Options.

Commemorate career milestones in your organization. These custom retirement gifts have a lasting impact and a positive reflection of your organization's image. Terryberry has no minimum orders. We can help you with one special award or implement a solution for ongoing retirement awards in your organization.

Popular Retirement Gifts:

* Custom Watches - a classic retirement gift.
* Prestige Gifts - Howard Miller Clocks, jewelry and many other choices at a variety of pricepoints.
* Lifestyle Retirement Gifts - Brandname items, fishing gear, gourmet cooking tools, cameras, and more customized with your corporate logo.
* Award Rings - a unique retirement gift that tastefully showcases your company logo and can be personalized for the recipient.
* AwardChoice Gift Selection - recipients choose their own a retirement gift from a variety of items at the pricepoint you specify. Print catalogs and online selection are available. We handle all of the administration for you.
* Retirement Plaques - Retirement plaques and engraved crystal pieces commemorate a career achievement.

Give your employees WOW! awards for their significant milestones and achievements. We'll create virtually any retirement gift that you have in mind. Contact us today to discuss your organization's retirement gift needs.

Getting Started

No matter what your retirement gift idea, our award consultants can help you give the best retirement gifts. Browse our products or contact us to discuss the retirement gift you have in mind, or to ask us for retirement gift ideas.

What are our Customer Saying?

"I am writing to let you know how thrilled I was when I received the ring you designed for Garry's retirement- it was even better than I could have imagined."
- D.P., Quebecor World Web Press Graphics

"From the beginning with your quick turnaround with logo designs, designing the awards, follow up on employee orders, and finally the timely delivery of the gift items, service has been excellent."
- J.D., First National Bank of Corossett

Recognition University Training

Recognition University: Corporate Recognition Training that makes an Impact in Your Business

For more than 90 years, Terryberry has been a leading worldwide provider of employee recognition gifts and employee recognition programs. Since 1918, we have helped more than 25,000 clients recognize and reward workers for their hard work and dedication. Our services have also helped many companies motivate and retain their most valuable employees.

Thousands of people trust Terryberry to help make their workplaces more positive and productive. Though our acclaimed Recognition University, we can now give your employees the tools and training they need to sustain a great work environment. Terryberry's Recognition University offers books, webcasts, speaking engagements and corporate recognition training that can help your organization reach its specific recognition goals and objectives.

With our comprehensive corporate recognition training, employees can learn:

* Why recognition is important to the success of your organization
* How your organization's recognition program works, including communication strategy, program logistics, award structures, and scheduling
* Managers' and team members' roles and responsibilities in the program
* Skills for giving effective and meaningful award and recognition presentations
* And more!

Learn more about Terryberry's Recognition University today!

Integrated Recognition Platforms

Terryberry’s Integrated Recognition Platforms

Since 1918, thousands have trusted Terryberry to help design and implement employee recognition programs for their organizations. These programs have helped improve employee retention rates and boost morale for more than 25,000 companies around the world.

Manage Your Total Recognition Initiative from One Platform!

Terryberry has worked with companies large and small to help them acknowledge and reward employees for their hard work and commitment. With our comprehensive Integrated Recognition Platforms, we can help your organization do the same.

Manage your Service Awards, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Spot Recognition and more from one Integrated Recognition Platform. You'll increase the efficiency, consistency, and impact of your recognition program overall.

Terryberry is dedicated to helping clients turn their workplace into a WOW! workplace. We can help you develop an employee recognition program that meets your specific goals. From start to finish, Terryberry can help you:

* Design and implement a tailored solution for your employees and your business
* Acknowledge significant achievements with service and performance recognition
* Encourage and reward daily contributions with on-the-spot and peer recognition solutions
* Provide custom awards for every achievement level that reflect your organization’s image
* Manage all recognition from one easy-to-use Recognition Dashboard
* Communicate important details about your program to your employees
* Train your managers on the importance of recognition and how to do it right

Trust Terryberry with all of your employee recognition needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Integrated Recognition Platforms.