About Us

The idea: Reward people for becoming and staying fit.

It’s a simple idea really. SEN asks the question: what are you striving for? We know that the most effective way to keep people motivated is to reward them often and well. That’s why we built the Sweat Equity Network business model around a participant experience that we know will work.

First SEN makes it incredibly easy — participants opt in for free and use an online social network to track their progress. The Network is completely open and allows participants to makes friends, build groups, set goals and plan strategies with other people just like them. In other words, it’s a self-motivating community. The more the participants engage, the more points they will earn, ultimately striving for two foundational rewards: a new healthier lifestyle that they can adopt and sustain; and meaningful rewards — active gear, travel, hospitality and more from over 500 national brands — to help them enjoy their new lifestyle.

The strategy: How they engage.

With SEN, the participants are continually surrounded by the Coalition. Most rewards programs fail because they only offer one way to engage. We offer dozens of ways. Each of the channel partners has been carefully selected because of the way their business interacts with lifestyles of people everywhere. Participants are employees, patients, consumers, health club members, viewers, subscribers — everything you can imagine your average complex human being to be.

Your business is either already interacting with segments or wants more constituents just like the ones you already have. When you sponsor points for engagements — whether it’s for virtual events or challenges, membership renewal, corporate wellness programs, product trial or purchase — you engage the participants in your business. Or, in other words, you make your brand promise actionable. Since you are a cross section of their lives, they interact with most of you weekly (if not daily) and that benefits them through point earning and it benefits you with real economic results.

The benefits: Why it makes sense to become a SEN Coalition partner.

It’s important to realize that this is not just some feel good part of how you do business, even if you will feel good about what you are doing. Designing the first free-market capitalism-based Coalition model isn’t easy work, but the benefits each and every business involved are substantial. Understand this — The Coalition turns marketing, sponsorship and advertising into loyalty and 100% economic gain. That’s the most important thing to understand.

The SEN platform is the most effective sponsorship-to-loyalty platform ever built, and we all understand the value of loyalty and what it means to our businesses. Since participant opportunity is shared among Coalition partners, no one business ever funds their whole experience — sharing costs reduces costs. Usually for minimal economic investment, well below current marketing budgets and employee spends, you can not only change lives and help move an entire population into a healthier way of living, but you also can see individual high yields of ROI that make sense for your specific businesses.