Why Learning Management?

Ongoing employee learning, training and development are important in improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of your workforce. Learning management systems allow your company to cost-effectively administer employee learning, deliver materials and resources, and create and manage comprehensive training plans that improve performance.

Using a learning management system in your organization is ideal for delivering all types of training, including skills and behavioral learning, new hire orientation, leadership education and sales training. This helps you track employee growth and development, and monitor training programs through effective learning management.

Why Kenexa?

Our Learning Management systems have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the largest and most complex global corporations. We offer Learning Management tools needed to manage the learning process, including enrollment, course descriptions and catalogue management, test authoring and delivery, security and overall network interaction.

Our Learning Management solution provides an education management framework, enabling your company to manage and deliver Intranet/Internet-based trainings, tests, certification programs, collaboration facilities and more. By collecting a comprehensive history of learning events, our Learning Management systems enable analysis of learning gaps to predict future organizational needs.

Using our Learning Management systems will help your company:

* Ensure effective compliance with legislative training requirements by tracking learner eligibility and course completions
* Manage class enrollments and learner records
* Create and manage training plans, learning course catalogs, curricula and tests including blended learning programs
* Perform comprehensive assessments and instructor/course evaluations
* Automate the process of delivering training materials and allocating resources

Global Flexibility

Our Learning Management solution helps your company tailor the delivery of a Learning Management system by division, business unit and geography. We provide a Learning Management system that interfaces with legacy systems and with customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and human resources systems. Our courses and tests can be delivered in multiple languages to support global learning and training programs.

Seamless Integration with Other Solutions

Combining our Learning Management systems with other integrated solutions, including Performance Management, Assessments and Leadership Solutions, allows you to maximize individual development and organizational performance.