SAP Visualization Solutions

Organization and Talent management solutions that are trusted, used and sold by SAP

SAP Visualization Solutions by Nakisa are fully integrated with your SAP ERP HCM backend, so you can leverage your existing investment in SAP enterprise software. The solutions provide an intuitive user interface for transparency of, and insight into your SAP HCM data. SAP Visualizations Solutions are developed with SAP, and are a key part of the SAP product and enhancement roadmap, enabling you to benefit from SAP's latest innovations.

They are the only solutions of their kind to pass SAP Premium Qualification, a rigorous process of validation that SAP uses to analyze and test products, including its own, in a number of categories, including; accessibility, functionality, performance, security and usability. In fact, SAP uses Nakisa capabilities globally to visualize and optimize their own HCM data. SAP Visualization Solutions by Nakisa are directly sold and supported by SAP around the world.

Two SAP Solution Extensions to support end-to-end Organization and Talent Management

To ensure the highest quality, SAP tests, validates, approves, and supports partner-developed Solution Extensions, to provide assurance of quality, commitment and greater return on investment. Nakisa provides two SAP Solution Extensions; SAP Organizational Visualization by Nakisa (SOVN), and SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN).