Sales Compensation Planning

Your focus is sales growth; our focus is designing sales compensation plans that support your growth strategies.

Does your market coverage enable the sales force to spend enough time on the most profitable, growth-oriented clients and prospects?

Are your salespeople motivated to go the extra mile to win new business?

Is the organization effective at all three levers of growth: penetration, conversion and retention?

Too often, sales compensation gets in the way of an organization’s ability to focus on growth. We work with your team to:

Evaluate the issues and reach consensus on the priorities for change;
Engineer solution alternatives and test those solutions before proposing a go-forward approach;
Engage key stakeholders and develop a solid, data-driven business case for change;
Develop key messages and an end-to-end communication and change management plan;
Test your critical systems to enable a rapid and high-impact execution of plan changes.

Best of all, we’re flexible in working with you to achieve your sales compensation redesign initiative. Whether you need technical expertise, process expertise, or both, we have helped hundreds of organizations retool their incentive plans to better align with their business strategies.