End-to-End Sales Compensation Solutions

NewSigma provides sales compensation design and sales operations support services to address a range of issues including:

Flat or declining sales performance

Increasing sales force compensation expense without a corresponding increase in revenue
Salespeople earning above target; company earning below budget
Delayed, inaccurate incentive payments and inefficient processes
Inadequate tools for managing the incentive program

Incentive Compensation Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs
We use an integrated, four-component approach - Evaluate, Design, Approve, Manage - for cost-effective incentive compensation design and program management. While each client engagement is unique, our project work typically falls into one of the following categories:

Commission, bonus and recognition program evaluation and benchmarking
Role clarification and design
Sales incentive compensation plan design
Sales compensation model definition and scenario planning
Territory and account assignment
Quota setting and allocation
Incentive compensation management process and system assessment
Requirements planning and business case development
ICM/SPM Technology selection
Program communication and change management
Process and technology enablement
Ongoing incentive administration and sales operations support

We staff flexible sales compensation consulting teams that are mapped to your specific situation. Our project engagements often take the form of:

Comprehensive solution development and implementation initiatives
Focused deliverables
Tailored workshops
Custom surveys
On-call support
Staff augmentation and training