Data Visualization Software

Operational web-based reporting: Your business requires decisions based on what happens today. Because of the real time nature of business and the systems that drive decisions, it is often impractical to create an operational dashboard solely on a business intelligence implementation.

Corda CenterView delivers greater control of your organization’s performance with its powerful dashboard technology. With CenterView you can visualize your data in the most meaningful way and quickly take action directly from the dashboard. Corda’s patented Datafunnel™ rapidly connects to virtually any data source, including real-time and near real-time systems. Quickly demonstrate value by providing an actionable dashboard layer that ties operational data with your BI investment and other systems.

Powerful Enterprise Platform

Any Data: Effective operational dashboards provide the ability to view information from many sources at the same time. Managing complex operations requires data from: relational databases, OLTP, Excel, hosted CRM (such as, Business Intelligence, and other real-time systems. Create an integrated view with data from all your systems, or view metrics from the systems individually.

Unlimited Drill-downs: Start with a high-level performance dashboard view and quickly drill down as deeply as needed to measure and take action.

Rapid Development: Developing and deploying a performance dashboard is fast and easy with CenterView’s wizards, drag and drop builder, smart themes, plus our intuitive design interface. If you can imagine it, you can create it with CenterView.

Platform Independent: Your information can be viewed on any computer or device that has a web browser, including mobile devices.

Take Action

Drill Across: CenterView allows you to drill from a dashboard directly to the details in the application where the data originates.

Powerful Visualizations: CenterView delivers stunning, flexible, and dynamic visualizations for your performance dashboard.

Notifications: CenterView can send scheduled or score-based emails on Key Performance Indicators. Know immediately when a KPI moves out of a pre-defined range.

Collaboration Tools: CenterView allows you to keep communication going with its collaboration tools. Package a single KPI or an entire performance dashboard into an e-mail to share with colleagues or other stakeholders. Add annotations to KPIs to add context and understanding.

Expose Trends

Data Snapshots: Many data sources do not store historical data, making trending analysis impossible. CenterView allows you take snapshots of your data at set intervals. You can then compile these snapshots into a single view, giving you insight into important trends and history.

Visualize Your Data in Your Environment

Portals: CenterView is built on industry standards making it simple to integrate performance dashboard pages and KPIs into your existing portals or web applications.

Security: Role-base authentication and security allows you to present the right performance dashboard or KPI to the right person. CenterView works with your security environment, making the end-user experience seamless.