We understand that a survey or research project is not just about the technology. That is why we are experts on methodology, instrument design and project process. Our consultants engage with our clients to develop a thorough vision of the project. We then enable the project with our industry-proven software platform to allow you to deploy the instrument to your participants.



CLARITY offers a comprehensive yet flexible employee survey program that eliminates the high cost of designing a survey instrument.

The CLARITY library includes employee engagement surveys, on boarding, exit, manager performance and workplace flexibility. Through our innovative online data analytics and reporting solution; Insight , you will have the opportunity to view survey results at an overall level, as well as drill down into each department or region. Our comprehensive reporting provides built in data interpretation and analytics through the identification of the Key Drivers of engagement. CLARITY clients can also enjoy reporting in internal trends and external benchmarks where applicable.



Provide the members of your association, industry or even your client base with a high value industry-proven survey program, that is easy to launch, requires minimal participation effort - and is delivered at a cost well below market price for comparable solutions.



With over a decade of experience, ClearPicture has constructed standard survey instruments that can be used effectively as the basis for your survey program. Whether they are used as-is or used with some customization to fit your specific needs, our surveys can be tailored to fit your program objectives and budget. Working from a standard, proven instrument is often a sensible way to keep budgets under control without risking quality or validity of the data.

ClearPicture recognizes that many organizations have already been doing their own surveys. Our tools allow us to apply the same quality and data-validation checks used on our surveys to your instrument so you have the same high level of confidence in the quality of the data.

ClearPicture technology not only supports the ability to use your own survey instrument, but we can also integrate past survey results into our platform for further data analysis and to show trends from previous administrations.



If your organization conducts research for yourself or for others, ClearPicture can provide you with the tools to enable efficient management of your surveys and data analysis.

There is relatively little upfront investment needed to train your staff how to use Insight software. And ClearPicture can provide you with that training.

In addition, ClearPicture professionals experienced in survey research are available to assist you in using our software to its full potential. We follow industry-approved best practices for system security and data backup. And we monitor our hosting infrastructure 24x7x365.

With the ClearPicture Service Bureau solution, we do even more. In addition to hosting your online survey, our expert staff will provide the programming and project management. Simply give us your questionnaire, and we'll give you the results.


Employee on Board (Surveys)

Traditional orientation and on-boarding processes are often based on historical practice rather than the changing requirements of the workforce and workplace. Errors in on-boarding will, at minimum, compromise productivity and potentially lead to retention challenges. The ClearPicture On Board survey identifies what a company must do to enhance this critical initial phase of the employment relationship. Organizational productivity is enhanced as new hires learn job procedures quicker, establish relationships with coworkers, and gain a sense of community and belonging.

With ClearPicture’s On Board Survey solution you can

* Identify if the expectations set with the new employee during the recruiting process are in fact materializing or if you need to adjust your recruiting messages or on-boarding practices;
* Measure the effectiveness of your on-boarding. Think of your new hires as customers – in order to improve your on-boarding service level and their rapid affinity to your company you need structured feedback regarding your on-boarding processes. To properly target any changes to your on-boarding process you need to be able to analyze the data by business unit, by employee demographic and other attributes. In this way you can enhance your on-boarding processes and more accurately tailor the on-boarding experience by job type, experience base of the new hire, etc.
* Reduce time to productivity, reduce retention issues. A productive employee becomes a valued member of the team quicker, an individual that recognizes their value is more engaged and an engaged employee is likely to leave. Capturing structured employee feedback within the first 6 months will allow you identify potential roadblocks to engagement and avoid costly early-stage turnover.

Employee Engagement (Surveys)

Employee engagement is vital to an organization’s success. Engaged employees are loyal, highly motivated team players who care about the company and will work hard to help the organization succeed. Employees who are engaged generally perform well, act as positive advocates for their employer’s mission and are less likely leave the company. Disengaged employees, on the other end of the spectrum, are negative forces that can hurt morale and obstruct progress.

Since an engaged workforce is so important to a company’s long-term achievement, it is essential that every business measure and understand their staff’s level of engagement. The first step to measuring employee engagement is to issue an employee engagement survey.

The Engagement survey empowers organizations to uncover the key drivers that have the greatest impact on their employees’ engagement. The survey ascertains employees’ perception and overall satisfaction with different facets of their job and the organization, as well as assesses current employee engagement levels and identifies key drivers of employee engagement. Engaged employees can help an organization generate important business results, implement its strategy and ultimately execute its mission.

We measure engagement to help improve business outcomes

Our Definition of Employee Engagement
When my feelings are heard, when my thoughts are valued, when my actions are acknowledged, I am happy to belong.

Engagement is a feeling, an attitude, a mindset of commitment, an alignment and dedication that drive “I love you” behaviors. Engagement comes from the inside out, from intrinsic satisfaction. When feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are aligned around shared organizational goals, the company and the employee share mutual satisfaction as a result. Good leaders and managers are key for achieving this level of engagement. They are the axis on which the relationship between employees and their jobs, and employees and the rest of the company, pivots.

We help our clients understand the impact of high or low engagement on the following business outcomes:

* Sales
* Employee productivity
* Innovation
* Quality
* Cost
* Ability to rapidly change and compete
* Customer and partner satisfaction
* Market share

We provide cutting-edge technology and ongoing support from our team of IT and consulting specialists who help design the right feedback program, provide relevant interpretation of the data, develop targeted action plans, and maintain ongoing action management.

Our trending, benchmarking, comparison and other capabilities show you the relationships within your organization that enable, or undermine, growth. Our consultants help you build on your strengths as well as address your hot spots.

Employee Exit (Surveys)

Many organizations have found that the traditional one-on-one Exit interviews tend to yield qualitative data that is decidedly neutral or “middle of the road”. Exiting employees simply do not open up in a way that allows organizations to capture actionable data – or if they do get data with some depth it is not holistically captured and organized in a manner that allows comparisons across business units, employee demographics, etc. to determine if the data just captured is a trend or is a unique to that individual. Developing retention strategies without a holistic view can lead to misaligned HR initiatives.

The solution to this problem is to provide a forum for the exiting employee to provide feedback in a structured, confidential manner and to collect this data in a standardized manner across the organization.

ClearPicture has developed an Exit Survey solution that enables companies to conduct a structured employee exit survey across the organization. Data is no longer captured by hand in a notebook where trends cannot be discovered. With the ClearPicture Exit Survey Solution data is now accessible and trends can easily be identified; enabling companies to make the necessary corrections and develop retention strategies that are targeted by group or demographic. The Employee Exit solution is an always-on solution, taken by employees when exiting the organization.

Customer Satisfaction (Surveys)

To exceed customer expectations, you need to determine what those expectations are. Tap into the voice of your customers by capturing their feedback across all channels they communicate with you. ClearPicture has developed an automated Call Centre solution that allows a survey to be sent automatically after a Help Desk case has been closed. This survey provides our customers with valuable customer satisfaction data. Customers are also able to compare results across accounts and other call centers. ClearPicture’s standard customer satisfaction solution is already benefiting many clients today.

Mergers & Acquisitions (Surveys)

Senior executives conduct extensive analysis before committing to a merger or acquisition. But research shows that when mergers fail, they do so because of the firms' inability to realize the forecasted synergies. ClearPicture's M & A survey helps merging organizations realize these potential synergies by profiling the workplace issues that represent barriers to integration. Equipped with this intelligence, integration teams can tackle their biggest hurdles first.

FlexMetrix™ (Surveys)

FlexMetrix™, a scientifically developed program based on empirical research, is designed to capture critical feedback from employees regarding the usage and value of work flexibility. The program is developed to help organizations better track the use and effectiveness of flexible work practices. FlexMetrix assists organizations in implementing and managing work-life programs for their employee base at the work group, business and corporate levels.

Featuring an ROI calculator to quantify the value of the company’s investment in flexibility, FlexMetrix™ also determines logical next steps for the organization based on the results. Whether organizations are just beginning to implement flexible work programs or are well into their implementation, FlexMetrix™ provides key data necessary for making strategic business decisions that impact the recruitment, retention, engagement and productivity of critical talent throughout the career life course.

Manager Performance

Giving feedback on management style can be difficult. Personal style and methods feedback is personal. It must be done with care given the sensitive nature of the data and to avoid defensiveness. Our Manager Performance solution enables a more systematic process: surveys are handed out to all reports versus “volunteers” selected by the manager creating sampling bias; and the implementation can begin at the top. When upper management willingly receives the feedback it helps managers and supervisors to be more comfortable with the program.

The Manager Performance solution is designed to provide direct performance of a manager from those that report directly to the manager. This solution has a singular focus and the value of the solution is in that singular focus – there is no attempt to assess or measure multiple dimensions of the employee experience other than the role their manager plays in developing their career and guiding their individual performance.

Our solutions include both 180o and 360o solutions. 360o programs are becoming prevalent and because of the complexity and breadth of feedback sources a systematic solution is even more critical to an effective and efficient program.

This solution is a key component of an overall Talent Management strategy within an organization. The program will help organizations identify:

* Specific managerial skills required for individual or groups of managers;
* Employee groups that may be less productive than the norm due to manager influences;
* Linkages between employee perception of managerial performance against financial or metrics measured by the organization;