Dayforce Payroll

Dayforce Payroll
With Dayforce Payroll, organizations can see up to fifty percent reductions in payroll processing time as well as increased accuracy. ROI is swift and tangible.

Our innovative application takes the stress out of payroll processing and provides you with intuitive tools to:
•       Preview and fix records in real-time.
•       Configure audits to identify errors quickly and easily.
•       Provide employees with self-service earnings statements and tax forms.

Stop struggling with tedious edits and calculations, difficult to access earning statements and cumbersome administrative tasks. Transform your payroll processing system so you can access data anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.

Dayforce Payroll features:
•       Quick entry of time and pay
•       Configurable audits
•       Real-time fix & preview
•       Tax record updates
•       Self-service access to earnings
•       User-defined reports and embedded analytics
•       Mobile access to earnings statements

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and to learn how Dayforce HCM can transform payroll in your organization.