Executive Advisory & Business Advisory Programs

The Hackett Group's Advisory programs provide a trusted source of fact-based insight to executives who are responsible for strategic and day-to-day management. You can quickly asses how well your organization performs and accelerate your journey to peak performance. Join today to find out how well you perform and quantify the costs of not measuring up.

Hackett's Advisory programs include:

* Finance
* Finance Operations
* Human Resources


* Information Technology
* Procurement
* Global Business Services

World-class performance defined.

The Hackett Group's comprehensive database of performance metrics and best practices is unmatched, enabling us to empirically define world-class performance, based on our experience gained from more than 4,000 benchmark studies since 1992.
Access insights right from your desktop.

Leverage the collective insight of the world's best businesses and Hackett professionals, right from your desktop. Through the Member Center, subscribers can have unlimited access to a searchable, online library of information and resources, including:

* The Hackett Group's Best Practices Intelligence Center
* Research reports and papers based on The Hackett Group's objective data
* Member-contributed presentations and tools

Advisor Access

The Hackett Group's inquiry service provides members with quick access to fact-based advice on proven approaches and methods to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, general and administrative activities.
Best Practice Intelligence Center

The Hackett Group's Best Practice Intelligence Center contains best practices based on our study of world-class organizations. The only source of empirically proven best practices for enterprise general and administrative function performance, the Best Practices Intelligence Center helps you to reduce risk, accelerate time-to-benefit, and enhance the return on your investment for process improvement initiatives. It offers one-click access to best practices, quick wins, process taxonomy, performance metrics, research and detailed implementation considerations for each best practice, including associated risks and mitigation strategies.
Book of Numbers™

Our Book of Numbers™ research reports provide an empirically based portrait of performance metrics and enabling practices, including Hackett-Certified™ best practices that correlate with world-class performance. Each Book of Numbers™ research report identifies trends and emerging practices, and typically features more than 50 detailed charts.
Performance Studies

These online surveys collect data on issues of immediate interest to executives. Members can benchmark their responses and receive customized as well as composite results from the studies.
Member Events

These events feature both advisor-led presentations showcasing an adoption-specific best practice or technique, as well as member-led discussions highlighting practices implemented in real-world settings. These sessions encourage peer interaction through learning about the successes and challenges of similar executives leading significant change initiatives.

Effective Process Transformation

Hackett consultants have more than fifteen years of hands-on experience and harness the insights from the innovative Best Practices Intelligence Center - which contains pre-designed reference models around key end-to-end and functional processes - to accelerate the design of the client's transformational roadmap. This creates individual initiatives addressing organization, technology and process improvements that accelerate the work with client teams and reduce risk and disruption.

The Hackett Group leverages its unique empirical data to assess current performance and develop a clear functional or enterprise-wide strategy based on individual client situations.

Hackett assists companies in maximizing the performance of their processes while reducing their functional costs. Hackett targets low-value transactional activities for streamlining, automation or elimination, freeing up funds thus released for improvements that create business value. Hackett experts use best practices that are empirically proven to accelerate the development of world-class solutions, linking these to the overall business strategies of the enterprise, so maximizing shareholder return.

Hackett Technology Solutions

Hackett Technology Solutions, formerly known as Answerthink, enables clients to optimize performance in major business areas and maximize returns on their technology investments across the enterprise.

Whether it is assessing your current performance, implementing process improvements, optimizing your enterprise-wide system or applying technology solutions to business performance issues, our consultants can lead your company to breakthrough performance improvements and significant costs savings.

Solutions implemented by Hackett Technology Solutions enable executives to:

* Adopt the same business processes that work for top-performing organizations
* Sustain process improvements through technology
* Mitigate risk
* Compress planning time
* Ensure alignment between technology solutions and business objectives

Do Business the Way the Fortune 100 Does

What do the world's top-performing companies do differently? What business processes do they find most effective?

And how do they use their enterprise applications to automate these processes?

Hackett Technology Solutions help organizations with the leading enterprise performance management, business intelligence, financial, human resources and supply chain software solutions that are out in the marketplace. Our professionals help clients select, integrate and customize software applications that run mission-critical operations according to Hackett's best practices.

Hackett Technology Solutions' award-winning Best Practices Implementation (BPI) approach helps organizations answer these questions. Hackett Technology Solutions uses BPI to take Oracle, Hyperion and PeopleSoft applications, designed for functional best practices and industry-specific capabilities, and further leverage them to automate the best practices gained through more than 4000 benchmarking engagements.

We assess current performance by benchmarking key processes and comparing the results to world-class levels and industry norms, using our proprietary Best Practices database. We then help clients prioritize and select the correct best practices to implement through a coordinated performance improvement strategy.
Allocating Limited IT Resources

In today's business world of shrinking staffs and budgets, IT management is often about strategically allocating limited resources and improving efficiency so that you can do more with less. We work with a wide range of best practices that have proven their effectiveness at the world's leading IT organizations and implement them on the leading software applications.

We use a blended offshore delivery model that is unique in the industry. This model utilizes our Global Delivery Center, where highly qualified developers from offshore, as well as domestically, work together with our business application experts at your location to deliver lower cost, real-time EPM/BI/ERP best practice solutions to your organization.

Learn more about "Achieving the Right Sourcing Mix with Hackett Technology Solution's Global Delivery"

Our business consultants will work with you and your team on the following:

* Identify key business drivers such as process, organization and information through a coordinated performance improvement strategy with your EPM/BI/ERP system
* Designate the tools that are required to configure best practices directly onto your EPM/BI/ERP system without customization
* Conduct various process assessments for finance, HR, and procurement within your software applications
* Configure your processes and implement your system in accordance with best practices
* Using the Hackett Technology Solutions Global Delivery Center, we can cost-effectively customize and enhance business applications in order to meet your unique business processes and reporting needs Service Offerings

Hackett Technology Solutions Consultants Put Business First

Hackett Technology Solutions professionals are more senior and have more professional work experience than the industry average, with professional backgrounds that include previous positions as chief financial officers, directors of HR and vice presidents and directors of IT. This powerful combination of business, client relationship and application specific skills enables them to work collaboratively as partners with Hackett Technology Solutions' clients, ensuring that the technology solutions we deliver are aligned with the goals of the business.

Business Process Outsourcing Consulting

World-class companies have continued to leverage technology and best practices to widen the gap between their performance and that of their peers. In recent years, world-class companies have shifted their focus to Globalization to drive higher performance.

Hackett believes that Services Globalization is the most compelling event in the SG&A world for the next 5-10 years. The impact of service globalization is of such magnitude that it will challenge the conventional wisdoms that have guided the way service delivery models for SG&A have been architected over the past two decades. Ensuring the correct mix of structure, people, performance and technology will result in the optimum balance of an effective and efficient global organisation.

Offshoring and Outsourcing alone are not "silver bullets." Offshoring in combination with other transformation initiatives will drive performance optimization. Since the late 1990s, organizations in North America and Europe have outsourced a growing portion of their back office functions, likeIT infrastructure and applications development, human resources, finance and accounting. Most of these transactions represented a "Lift and Shift" strategy whereby current processes were moved from a high costs to a low costs geography but little or no transformation either preceded or followed the process transition. As expected, few of these transactions enabled company to achieve world-class performance. Hackett believes the next wave of Business Process Outsourcing, (BPO) transactions will encompass both "Transform and Shift" and "Shift and Transform" strategies. This expected change in sourcing strategy will have a profound impact on how sourcing strategies are formulated and executed.

Only Hackett is uniquely qualified to assist clients in the execution of a higher value and more complicated "Shift and Transform" outsourcing strategy.

Hackett uses its market leading intellectual property on world-class performance and best practices and its deep knowledge of the BPO service provider capabilities to assist clients in selecting and contracting with the optimal BPO service provider that can enable the client to implement its transformation roadmap via a "Shift and Transform" sourcing strategy. Not only is more value derived from the project, but the actual project timetable can be significantly accelerated, reducing costs and mitigating project risks for all stakeholders.

Hackett advisors offer the optimum combination of in-depth functional, transformation and sourcing expertise. Our approach is to treat business process outsourcers as client partners and to work collaboratively with them, to drive innovative solutions through targeted workshops and to look at their transformation skills subsequent to replicating business processes in an outsourced environment. By focusing on successfully integrating retained and outsourced functions, we ensure that end-to-end processes are integrated and perform at world-class levels.

Hackett advises clients on business process globalization and outsourcing across Finance, HR, IT and Procurement. We assist clients in managing the selection of BPO service providers, leading the process for provider selection, contracting and governance, as well as transitioning to the new delivery model. We also design Shared Service center delivery models and manage site selection, migration, governance and the change management needed for a smooth transition.

Hackett's approach is to treat business process outsourcers as client partners and to work collaboratively with them, driving innovative solutions through targeted workshops and looking at their transformation skills subsequent to replicating business processes in an outsourced environment. By focusing on successfully integrating retained and outsourced functions, Hackett ensures that end-to-end processes are integrated and perform at world-class levels.

Fact-based Business Benchmarking

The Hackett Group uses a rigorously defined taxonomy of corporate functional processes and activities that ensures reliable comparisons across different firms. Hackett's database is the most comprehensive in the world and contains data and best practices from more than 4,000 individual benchmarks.

Hackett consultants work with client teams to quickly complete the acquisition of benchmark data, using customized client portals and online data-validation tools. After analysis, they deliver their fact-based findings to the client to establish a baseline for the organization's current performance, providing results against an appropriate peer group and world-class; defining and quantifying the organization's performance gaps, both in terms of functional efficiency and effectiveness; and prioritizing improvement initiatives, ranging from quick wins to longer-term projects. The entire process can be completed in as little as 6-12 weeks, depending on scope, and minimizes disruption to the client team.
benchmarking chart

G&A cost gap (in US$ millions) between the world-class and industry averages has increased by 33% over the last three years to $141 million for the typical Global 1000 company.

When discussing performance levels without a fact-based benchmark, you are just having a debate of ideas, and you cannot achieve clarity and direction in a debate of ideas. Hackett's information provided the insight we needed to identify our biggest opportunities and move with speed and alignment to solve them.
- CEO $100+ billion automotive manufacturing company

Effective Working Capital Management

Today's uncertain market conditions and the threat of a slower economy are driving CEOs and CFOs to focus on maximizing cash flow as never before, while shareholders and analysts are keenly scrutinizing working capital levels for indications that companies will be able to weather the storm.

Analysis by our working capital division, REL, has revealed that over the past few years companies have enjoyed double-digit sales growth, but their Cash Conversion Efficiency (CCE), which is the ratio of operating cash flow as a percentage of sales, has been decreasing year-on-year. This means that organizations are converting sales to cash at a lower rate and not taking advantage of the scale in good times. Pressure to improve CCE will mount as sales slow; this means companies will need to address both their cost structure and working capital.

REL (www.relconsultancy.com), has dedicated itself since its inception in 1975 to helping the world's leading companies deliver significant and sustainable improvements in their working capital ratios. REL has helped clients release billions of dollars of cash that was locked up in working capital, making this the cheapest and most effective source of increased cash flow. With strong implementation capability, REL is able to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Our consultants focus on the three core components of working capital: inventory, accounts payable and receivable and it helps companies address opportunities across all three areas, referred to as Total Working Capital (TWC), or specific challenges in one or more of the components. REL delivers significant results by applying solutions across the overall processes:

* Sourcing and accounts payable is addressed via the Source-to-Settle (S2S) process
* Inventory and supply chain is addressed via the Forecast-to-Fulfill (F2F) process
* Accounts receivable is addressed via the Customer-to-Cash (C2C) process

A new challenge for organizations is the impact that low-cost sourcing is having on the business world. It impacts working capital in several ways. First, as companies either outsource or offshore, business processes, the activities associated with credit and collections and disbursements are moved to different continents from customers and suppliers. While the choice should not be visible to customers, many of the processes are not implemented correctly between the core business location and the service center, which results in process breakdowns, errors and late payments, increased rework and poor service quality.

Process Transformation

The Hackett Group offers a range of executive advisory, business benchmarking and process transformation consulting services, including shared services, offshoring and outsourcing advice. Hackett offers working capital solutions focused on delivering significant cash flow improvements, business process advice and offers business application consulting services that help maximize returns on IT investments.