WFM Solutions Undergo Transformation To Ensure Compliance

Labor Department changes, along with the growing complexity
of collective bargaining agreements, are adding new challenges for
employers. Workforce Management (WFM) solutions must do more
to help employers reduce risk and cut workforce-related costs.

Workforce planning can make or break your business

Infor10 WFM Workforce Planning (Workbrain) helps companies like yours successfully balance long-term workforce strategy with short-term labor deployment so you can manage payroll in ways that meet both profit and customer-service goals.

Labor Scheduling is critical to success

Transform labor scheduling processes into a strategic asset with Infor10
WFM Labor Scheduler(Workbrain).

WFM for Retail - On the Go

Many retailers had barely mastered the conversion from Excel and paper-based workforce management (WFM) systems to dedicated solutions when the mobile revolution began to hyperaccelerate their adoption. Today, retail managers and store associates want the flexibility to engage browser-based scheduling and WFM processes on the move, using mobile devices.