Our Consulting Services allow you to make the most of our software solution and provide one-stop shopping for all of your end-to-end workforce planning, analytics and reporting needs.

Comprehensive Project/Change Management – whether you are just getting started and need to develop a business case, or have a large-scale project underway, Vemo gives you the business intelligence to go from reactive to proactive.

Building HR Capability – Link the HR data Vemo gives you to the boardroom's priorities and you provide competitive advantage. Which means you're no longer reacting to change – you're creating it.

Predictive Analytics – Vemo's sophisticated models help you understand the relationships between data points and predict your future workforce. But why stop there? Vemo can: demonstrate relationships between employee and manager attributes and turnover; predict workforce movement; quantify staffing vs. business demand; correlate productivity efforts to bottom-line results and more.

Outsourced Planning and Reporting Services – does everything Vemo Hosted Software does and we do the planning and reporting for you. Which means you can stop spending your time doing drudgework and start spending your time responding to business demands.