Metrics that Matter Talent & Performance

The need to manage an organization’s greatest asset, their people, has never been more critical to success. KnowledgeAdvisors new Talent and Performance Measurement Programs allow organizations to easily set-up, author, administer, report, and analyze evaluation data for talent, performance, learning, engagement, recruiting, and leadership processes so that the management element of human capital can be properly measured. The outcome is a high performing workforce managed by data drivendecision making.

Talent and Performance Measurement Programs allow a human resource or talent management professional to easily build effective measurement initiatives across multiple human capital processes to reduce the administrative burden associated with data collection. KnowledgeAdvisors new Talent & Performance Measure Programs benefits your organization by enabling you to:

* Save cost and administrative time when implementing ameasurement program
* Grow revenue by increasing the overall talent and performance ofyour workforce
* Integrate data from multiple human capital systems (e.g. Applicant Tracking, Performance Management, Talent Management, Learning Management Systems) into a single repository for collecting, reporting, and analyzing metrics across multiple processes
* Support your efforts to create a high performing workforce.
* Support a variety of Human Capital initiatives