Talent and Rewards

Organizations everywhere depend on the capability, proficiency and performance of their people. Your company may thrive when someone develops a new product or a more efficient process. Or it may thrive when someone helps a customer get the right service. But the keys to success will surely change over time, along with economic pressures and shifts in business models and growth strategies. So how do you ensure that you have the right people in the right places doing the right things at the right cost? How do you keep people connected, engaged and productive?

At Towers Watson, our experience tells us that you need effective talent and reward programs, processes and technology to deliver results. And that requires a talent and reward strategy that aligns with your business strategy.

As your partner, we rely on data, analytics and experience to help pinpoint the talent and workforce needs that are vital to your overall performance. We can then develop strategies and design and implement programs that address these needs, drive higher performance and ensure the right return on your investment in people. Backed by industry-leading technology, global workforce data, research and insights, we help you quickly transform ideas into action.

It all adds up to measurable results — an impact on your business you can see, feel and track.
Why Towers Watson?

You are at the center of what we do. You benefit from our global reach, our comprehensive research and the sophisticated analytics we can apply to your business. We address your specific issues through a combination of our big-picture perspective and industry-specific and local expertise and information. Our 14,000 associates in 34 countries make up the strongest global network in the talent and reward consulting industry. That network serves as a powerful resource to the consultants in your local market who provide important, on-the-ground support and knowledge of local issues and requirements.

Towers Watson is trusted by the world’s leading organizations. We work with 75% of the Fortune 500. With many clients in every industry, we have developed the industry knowledge and expertise needed to address sector-specific talent and reward issues.

Our consulting advice is grounded in years of research and supported by industry-leading talent and reward data and models that analyze the effect of talent and reward decisions on an organization’s ability to attract, retain and engage employees and sustain a high-performance culture.