Promote Good Workplace Relations. Let Your Employees Give-A-WOW!

Promote Good Workplace Relations. Let Your Employees Give-A-WOW!

Sometimes, a little appreciation can make a world of difference. This can be especially true in the workplace. Employees might find themselves overworked or stressed out. And if they're working like this on a regular basis, they definitely need to know that their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Managers might not always be around to witness workers in action, but employees are. They might have experienced a situation when a co-worker stepped in to help them in the eleventh hour. Or they might know an employee who takes on extra tasks frequently and without complaining. So why not let them recognize the kind acts of their peers? Terryberry's Give-A-WOW! peer-to-peer recognition program allows employees to do just that.

Terryberry's innovative Give-A-WOW! employee recognition program gives employees the capability to:

* give instant thanks for a job well done
* applaud achievements
* give on the spot peer recognition awards for above and beyond performance
* communicate successes in your business
* connect your people with the goals and objectives of your organization

Discover the difference that Give-A-WOW! can make in the workplace. Learn more about Terryberry's Give-A-WOW! peer-to-peer recognition program.