Carrotopia. Orange fever. The carrot craze.

Call it what you will, the idea that strategic recognition can inject the type of energy and engagement into your workplace that keeps people coming back for more is an idea that has more than caught on—it's taken root.

O.C. Tanner's most popular and sought after training team, The Carrot Culture Group, has traveled the globe teaching employees, managers, VPs and CEOs in some of the world's best organizations what it means to create a culture of appreciation. And more importantly, why it matters to their people, their business, and their stockholders.

What's the Carrot message? Teaching from studies in their best-selling books, to speaking, training, and consulting services, the Carrots team energizes organizations to create a Carrot Culture one heart at a time, through frequent, specific and timely recognition of achievements.

No one knows the value of training better than delivery giant DHL. Having cultivated near best of class status in many key areas of employee satisfaction, recent surveys indicate DHL has been as successful at not only engaging its employees in achieving the goals of the organization, but also in training its managers to become more relevant to their employees and drive business results from the ground up.