Why Learning Management?

Ongoing employee learning, training and development are important in improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of your workforce. Learning management systems allow your company to cost-effectively administer employee learning, deliver materials and resources, and create and manage comprehensive training plans that improve performance.

Using a learning management system in your organization is ideal for delivering all types of training, including skills and behavioral learning, new hire orientation, leadership education and sales training. This helps you track employee growth and development, and monitor training programs through effective learning management.

Why Kenexa?

Our Learning Management systems have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the largest and most complex global corporations. We offer Learning Management tools needed to manage the learning process, including enrollment, course descriptions and catalogue management, test authoring and delivery, security and overall network interaction.

Our Learning Management solution provides an education management framework, enabling your company to manage and deliver Intranet/Internet-based trainings, tests, certification programs, collaboration facilities and more. By collecting a comprehensive history of learning events, our Learning Management systems enable analysis of learning gaps to predict future organizational needs.

Using our Learning Management systems will help your company:

* Ensure effective compliance with legislative training requirements by tracking learner eligibility and course completions
* Manage class enrollments and learner records
* Create and manage training plans, learning course catalogs, curricula and tests including blended learning programs
* Perform comprehensive assessments and instructor/course evaluations
* Automate the process of delivering training materials and allocating resources

Global Flexibility

Our Learning Management solution helps your company tailor the delivery of a Learning Management system by division, business unit and geography. We provide a Learning Management system that interfaces with legacy systems and with customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and human resources systems. Our courses and tests can be delivered in multiple languages to support global learning and training programs.

Seamless Integration with Other Solutions

Combining our Learning Management systems with other integrated solutions, including Performance Management, Assessments and Leadership Solutions, allows you to maximize individual development and organizational performance.



Why Onboarding?

Effective onboarding requires that every individual involved in the onboarding process—from new employees and hiring managers to HR and other departments—needs to have the right information to be effective. This allows new employees to learn their jobs faster and become engaged sooner, increasing speed-to-productivity and drive to stay with the organization.

Onboarding involves everything from welcoming new hires into the organization to provisioning and form completion. Managing an effective onboarding process will help your company drastically reduce the amount of time it takes new hires to be fully competent in their jobs and fully engaged in the organization—improving productivity, increasing return on investment and improving compliance.

Benefits of Kenexa Onboarding

Our Onboarding solution is a powerful web-based application that eliminates paper, cycle time and data-entry errors associated with new employee onboarding. We provide a seamless bridge between the candidate experience and the employee experience, integrating with your Recruitment Technology, Performance Management and Learning Management systems, and driving high performance in your organization

* Flexible and Configurable
We provide an onboarding process that is flexible and configurable to your company. Our onboarding solution accommodates multiple onboarding processes with varying workflows and the distribution of new employee orientation packs specific to job level and department or division—drastically improving efficiency of previously decentralized, manual processes.

* Provisioning and Task Management
We dynamically manage all internal and external tasks associated with your onboarding process. This includes notification, collaboration and tracking of all onboarding activities to ensure all the tools new employees need, including IT support and tailored workstations, are ready on the first day of work.

* Easy and Complete Compliance
We maintain and update all required employment forms for every location you do business in, helping you easily manage company specific documents for the onboarding process. We also collect and track all new hire data to ensure you can easily produce compliance reports.

* Return on Investment

With our Onboarding solution, your company will quickly realize a Return on Investment. Beyond the benefits you receive from increased productivity and engagement, you will eliminate tactical expenses such as paper forms, physical storage requirements, manual data entry errors and administrative staffing costs. Your bottom line will not only reflect the results of increased productivity, but you will also save significant money on administrative costs.

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Leadership Development

Why Effective Leadership?

Effective leadership is essential in increasing organizational performance. Leadership success in today’s competitive environment requires the combination of leadership traits, skills and behavior, and the understanding of how these elements interact in the leader’s role. Leadership development is not universal—instead, leadership development programs must be tailored to each organization. Investing in leadership training and development should enhance the competencies and capabilities of existing leaders, ensure leaders have the ability to effectively resolve competitive and economic challenges, and help leaders inspire and engage the organization and its management team to enhance overall business performance.

Why Kenexa Leadership Solutions?

Our Leadership Solutions increase the quality of leaders in your organization through Leadership Development, Leadership Assessments and Leadership Audit programs. Built on the belief that effective leadership drives organizational performance, our leadership development programs enable your company to evaluate critical dimensions of leader performance, and develop current and future leaders to drive business performance.

Our unique approach to leadership development focuses on growing responsible and high performing leaders, and delivering effective leadership programs that are tailored to individual industries, companies and regions. We have the experience and insight to multiply leadership effectiveness and improve the overall performance of your organization.

Align Leadership Development Initiatives and Objectives

The core principles of effective leadership center on responsibility, high performance and engagement. Due to the fast-paced and constantly changing business environment, your organization needs to implement and align ongoing leadership training and development programs to the career paths of business leaders rather than to fragmented company initiatives.

Through our Leadership Development, Leadership Assessments and Leadership Audit solutions, we help you enhance and grow the skills and mindset of organizational leaders, helping them drive overall business performance through today’s ever-increasing business and economic challenges. This allows your organization to:

* Enhance the competencies and capabilities of existing leaders, ensuring they have the ability to effectively resolve the daily competitive and economic challenges encountered in their jobs
* Identify future leaders across the organization
* Help leaders inspire and engage the organization and its management team to drive forward and enhance overall business performance

Kenexa Leadership Impact Model™

Effective leadership is foundational to increasing organizational performance and success. Impacting leadership development stems from a customized organizational leadership model with identified drivers that are differentiated by leadership level. Kenexa has developed Leadership Solutions that are based on the Leadership Impact Model.

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Recruitment Technology

Why Recruitment Technology?

Quickly and easily identifying best fit candidates is critical in reducing hiring costs and improving your organization’s performance and success. When you leverage effective HR recruitment technology software, your recruiters, candidates and hiring managers gain an enhanced user experience. Your recruiting software systems should support your organization’s recruitment process, providing everything you need to locate and track talented candidates into one system as they move through the hiring process.

Why Kenexa?

Our Recruitment Technology employs human resource recruiting software for the largest, most complex organizations in the world. With 29 candidate languages, 11 recruiter languages and users in more than 115 countries, we offer global HR software to improve your overall recruitment process. Our systems not only help you identify the most talented candidates, they also integrate seamlessly with our Employee Assessments, Onboarding and Performance Management solutions to maximize individual performance and organizational success from pre-hire through exit.

With a single source of data for each candidate, you can leverage critical information about your new employees throughout the entire employment lifecycle. This helps you create a workforce that is aligned to your strategic business objectives. Our HR software offers a complete recruitment technology system that dramatically reduces overall hiring costs, and streamlines and automates the entire recruiting process—giving you visibility of and access to hiring and retention data.

* Fortune 100 Company ROI Case Study

* HR Outcomes Data for Global 200 and Fortune 500 Organizations

Kenexa-Recruiter-BrassRing EmailKenexa-Recruiter-BrassRing_Email.pdf

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Choosing to outsource your recruitment process will save your company money and improve your overall candidate hiring process. If done right, recruitment process outsourcing can have a lasting impact on your organization. Companies who use RPO have realized they can reduce hiring costs, improve recruiting processes and deliver a competitive edge.

Effective RPO solutions scale to your business needs, provide access to expertise in filling hard-to-fill positions, respond to fluctuating hiring volumes and deliver a better candidate experience. With recruitment process outsourcing, recruiting is no longer a fixed cost, but a flexible operating expense that enables you to scale up or down as your business needs dictate.

Why Kenexa RPO?

Simply stated, our RPO solution delivers a higher quality of candidate—fast.

Our RPO Solution Doesn’t Just Deliver Great Candidates—It Drives Business Outcomes

When you choose us as your Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner, you not only get better candidates for less than you spend now, you also have access to global resources that provide innovative solutions to improve your workforce and grow your company. We know you benefit most when your overall business performance is improved, not just your recruiting process.

We Do the First Things First and Then Scale to Fit Your Future Needs—All Under One Roof

Our first priority in Recruitment Process Outsourcing is Sourcing and recruiting the best candidates. Once this process is in place, we find ways to make it even better. We offer RPO solution components such as Employment Branding, Recruitment Technology and Employee Assessments to enhance the recruiting process and make it more efficient. Combined with our leading industry employee research from Kenexa Research Institute, we can evolve your recruiting efforts to world-class levels without you needing to manage multiple recruiting vendors.

We Tailor Our RPO Offering to Fit Your Needs and Reflect Your Culture

We provide a tailored recruitment process outsourcing solution by offering the right combination of onsite, onshore and offshore resources to deliver the candidates you need—when you need them. Providing this unique breadth of resources helps orchestrate day-to-day tasks, manage costs and provides strategic insight that our customers have come to expect.

We Know What Makes People Good at What They Do

With more than 100 psychologists and researchers on staff, we know more about identifying the best people for the right jobs than anyone else in the world. Over the past year, we have assessed more than 18 million individuals in hundreds of job families and surveyed more than 10 million employees in 88 languages. This means we have more normative job data than any other company. We use this insight to deliver a higher quality candidate to your company through our RPO solution.

Our RPO Engine Never Stops Running

With operations located around the globe, we use technology and human ability to reach hard-to-find candidates and deliver them real-time to recruiters. This division of resources allows recruiters to spend valuable time creating relationships with candidates, leading to high quality employees.

We’re One of the Most Respected and Largest Recruitment Process Outsourcing Providers

Founded in 1987 as a recruiting firm, our recruitment process outsourcing division has grown to provide global recruitment services for some of the largest companies in the world, placing tens of thousands of candidates yearly.

View Some of Our RPO Case Studies

* Andrew Corporation Case Study
* Goodrich Case Study


Why Assessments?

To drive high performance in your organization, you need to identify, hire and retain the very best employees. Employee Assessments allow your company to understand and predict human performance and potential, ensuring you select the right person for the right job. They improve the quality and efficiency of your recruiting, qualifying, interviewing and selection processes, allowing you to make better hiring and promotion decisions and ensuring your employees will be a perfect fit in your company culture.

Why Kenexa?

We offer more than 1,000 ready-to-use Assessment tests that help your company select and retain top performers based on seven key areas that predict individual performance and potential—experience, skills, abilities, personality, motivation, judgment and culture fit. In the last two years alone, we have administered more than 30 million Assessments in 14 languages and in 44 countries to some of the largest, most respected companies in the world. Our employee assessment tools are delivered in the most efficient, easy-to-use and engaging formats, and minimize administration cost and candidate time-to-complete. We have proven experience and expertise in creating Assessments across multiple industries and job roles, including:

* Sales
* Customer Service
* Retail
* Call Center
* Financial Services
* Healthcare
* Hospitality
* Executive

We are the only company that offers fully integrated Assessment solutions that support the entire employee lifecycle. With the ability to integrate employee Assessments with Recruitment Technology, Onboarding, Career Development, Succession Planning and Leadership Development, we help you leverage Assessment data to improve the performance of your employees and your organization. Not only do we provide Recruitment Technology that integrates with our Assessment solutions, we also have extensive experience integrating our Assessments with other major Recruitment Technology providers, creating a seamless user experience.

Our employee Assessment tools are tied to key individual and organizational outcomes, helping you demonstrate Return on Investment. We offer the Assessment tools that help you drive business outcomes—from increasing sales, improving customer service and decreasing shrink to increasing employee retention, enhancing employee engagement and improving overall teamwork.

* Call Center Employee Assessment ROI Case Study
* Telecommunications Employee Assessment ROI Case Study
* Retail Employee Assessment ROI Case Study

Performance Management

Why Performance Management?

Effective performance management solutions improve employee goal planning, career development, performance assessment and appraisal, compensation management and organizational alignment. With effective performance management software, you can automate performance management in your organization to improve employee engagement and empower employees.

By aligning your workforce on key performance measures through performance management software, you can identify career paths for employees and create immediate access to developmental resources to encourage individual development and organizational performance.

Why Kenexa?

Our powerful web-based Performance Management software offers solutions that enable your organization to enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, streamline processes, increase accountability and leverage performance data to make strategic decisions based on a holistic view of your workforce.

We offer a total Performance Management solution that fully integrates Performance Management, Compensation Management, Career Development, Goal Alignment and Succession Planning. Through our Performance Management software, we help you support organizational alignment and encourage employee engagement in your company.


Why Kenexa's Compensation Solutions?

Kenexa's drive to deliver effective and reliable systems to you for compensation management and talent management is matched only by our desire to provide you with exceptional customer service and satisfaction that exceeds your expectations.

Kenexa’s award-winning compensation software helps HR, compensation and business professionals around the world automate and streamline crucial talent management processes to attract, retain, develop and reward top talent, a critical key to business success.

Our Approach to Compensation

In 1999, Kenexa (formerly known as Salary.com) observed that individuals, as well as large and small employers, needed access to compensation data that was not readily available. We made this data available, and we created other offerings to serve small and medium businesses and global enterprises. In addition to compensation data, talent management data and competencies data, our services include salary tools, salary software and other aids for creating successful compensation programs.

Breadth of Compensation Solutions

Kenexa’s highly configurable software, including CompAnalyst and IPAS, helps HR and compensation professionals automate and streamline critical talent management processes, to make the job of attracting, retaining, developing and rewarding top talent easier and more effective—in part by knowing how to meet a candidate's salary expectation.

Depth of Our Experience

Kenexa’s compensation system experts understand technology--and our technologists are trained and certified in compensation. This unbeatable collaboration has resulted in award-winning, best-of-class compensation software products that reflect HR best practices in the workplace. Our commitment to quality and ability to deliver highly effective compensation solutions sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Customers

An impressive array of customers depend on Kenexa for compensation systems. We provide compensation, salary software and other solutions to more than 7,000 corporate subscribers around the world, representing 60 industries. These customers include more than 25% of the Fortune 500. We’re committed to the highest level of customer service, which is reflected in our customer retention rate of more than 90 percent.

Our Partners

Kenexa enjoys alliances with a wide range of partners whose expertise and compensation tools complement our offerings. Together, we fully address the compensation system needs of Human Resources professionals in many locations and many different industries.


Kenexa strives to deliver best-of-class solutions to consumers, enterprises and small businesses. We are pleased our efforts have been recognized by leading industry authorities and organizations.

Employee Surveys

Why Surveys?

Using surveys to measure employee opinions and customer satisfaction levels will improve your organization’s performance. Employee feedback from all aspects of the employee lifecycle can be used as the foundation for organizational change and ongoing success. Your survey partner should provide you the survey tools to accurately measure employee engagement, customer feedback, job satisfaction, employee morale and organizational values to improve business results. This includes survey design, processes and consulting to drive organizational outcomes.

Why Kenexa Surveys?

We have been entrusted to design and manage employee surveys and customer satisfaction surveys for some of the largest and most respected companies in the world. Our depth of survey experience, proven track record, high client retention rate, industry leading normative survey data and global footprint make us the leader in organizational surveys.

With a clear understanding of your business objectives, we design employee surveys and customer satisfaction surveys to help you focus on talent-related metrics that will result in organizational improvements. We identify and prioritize key drivers for action that will drive high performance, and align with your business strategies and processes. Our survey solutions are intuitive and customized making them easy for your employees, champions and managers to use.

Our team is one of the strongest global survey teams in the industry, comprised of survey consultants, psychologists, researchers and client service professionals who are committed to building the most innovative, flexible and technologically advanced employee survey practices in the industry.

We are the only company in the marketplace that uses employee surveys and customer satisfaction surveys to pinpoint and improve other areas of the entire talent lifecycle—multiplying business success across your organization. We are the survey partner of choice for more than 300 organizations worldwide.

* Global 100 Banking and Financial Services Company Employee Survey Case Study
* Larger Retailer Customer Satisfaction Survey Case Study

Kenexa's Integrated Talent Management Suite Demo

Kenexa's Integrated Talent Management Suite Demo - December 13, 2012