Mobile Schedule Connect

Vortex's initial flagship product, Mobile Schedule Connect, both as a stand alone product as well as integrated into leading workforce management and scheduling solutions such as Kronos, Workforce Software, ScheduleSoft and Clairvia.
Some Mobile Schedule Connect clients include Sobey's, Grady Health and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. </br><a href="" _fcksavedurl=""> </br></a>

Mobile Manager Connect

Extend most leading Workforce Management systems to either a corporate owned mobile device or a manager's personal device providing them with the ability to review, edit and approve time, edit and review schedules and requests and keep an eye on their team without being tethered to a PC. Some Mobile Manager Connect clients include Ecolab, Unified Grocers and Norton Healthcare.

Mobile Employee Connect

Mobile Employee Connect is the mobility answer to employee self service as well as to time-capture for non-exempt employees when putting a clock on a wall isn't possible.

Currently integrated into most leading WFM solutions such as Kronos, API Healthcare, ADP EZ Labor, ADP TimeSaver, ADP Enterprise eTime, Workforce Software, Clairvia and iEmployee.

Some Mobile Employee Connect clients include VCU Healthcare, United Supermarkets and Lutheran Social Services.


Mobile Task Connect

Mobile Task Connect solution allows one central project manager to send out task level assignments, from their "Central Command" computer and have field workers receive their tasks along with the necessary work instructions.

Some Mobile Task Connect clients include New York New Jersey Port Authority, Loblaw and BPS Resolver.

Mobile Complete

Mobile Completeis the latest and most important product released by Vortex Connect. Mobile Complete is the underlying platform that accomodates integration into multiple solutions across an organization.

Through the Vortex Connect Middleware layer, the smartphone and messaging modules are synchronously tied into multiple solutions. The Mobile Complete platform ensures data security, synchronicity and provisioning maximizing organizations mobility investment.

Some Mobile Complete clients include Norton Healthcare, NYNJPA and Lutheran Social Services.

Process and Performance Solutions

Improving processes and performance

To succeed in today’s highly competitive, always changing global economy, businesses must operate as one seamless entity. Gone are the days of siloed departments supported by islands of automation. Operational systems today must seamlessly support end-to-end business process flows that efficiently transport and track inventory from manufacturing to the customer; maximize the productivity of your workforce; and provide constant monitoring and analysis of performance. RedPrairie’s Process & Performance Solutions support your end-to-end process flows while providing the agility to easily adapt to changing business needs.
Process and Performance Solutions

* Performance Management
* Business Process Platform
* Integration
* Event Management
* Visibility

Transforming data into intelligence

There is no lack of data in corporations today. What is lacking is the ability to collect and transform data from extended supply chains and retail operations into useful business intelligence. RedPrairie fills this void with Performance Management.
Orchestrating business processes

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is managing business processes end-to-end across the enterprise, especially as those processes must adapt to changing business requirements. What’s needed is a technology platform that enables you to easily orchestrate process and information flows across internal and external systems.
Making seamless a reality

If business processes are to be seamless, the technology supporting these processes must make the exchange of information and workflows between systems seamless as well. But with disparate systems, architectures and communication protocols, that can be a real challenge.
Making exception handling routine

Exceptions are a constant reality in supply chain and retail operations, so you must be able to handle them quickly and efficiently without disrupting the rest of your business. RedPrairie’s Event Management takes the burden of handling exceptions off your hands by automating the detection, notification and resolution of routine exceptions.
Understanding your business

Today’s extended supply chain networks and retail operations are too complex and too fast-paced to understand through traditional reporting tools. You need immediate visibility to inventory and assets as they travel from the manufacturing floor to the store shelf so corrective actions can be taken as soon as things go astray.

The explosion of global commerce over the past decade, facilitated by the rise of the internet, has radically changed business and its need for technology support. The back-office ERP vendors have tried to respond by broadening their mega-suites, but lack the expertise and agility to meet operational challenges. At the other end of the spectrum, best-of-breed point solutions are good at solving specific problems or supporting certain functions, but don’t address the end-to-end process flows that are critical to supply chain and retail competitiveness.

RedPrairie’s Process & Performance Solutions provide the business process platform needed to support today’s global businesses. They integrate RedPrairie’s industry-leading inventory, workforce and transportation productivity suites on a common architecture and communications foundation that supports easy configuration and integration of workflows across your network. Hard to manage workflows like product recalls, merchandise returns, available-to-promise execution, manufacturing quality control, promotions and new product launches can be modeled graphically, with the best resulting solutions quickly rolled into production.

In addition, performance is tracked and analyzed, events are detected and resolved, and visibility across your extended networks is provided at your fingertips. Thus, RedPrairie’s Process & Performance Solutions provide the agile technology platform needed to support today’s global business requirements.

Enterprise Workforce Management

Driving increased productivity across the enterprise
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where superior service is often the distinguishing factor in customer retention and market growth, it’s critical that employees at all operational levels contribute effectively to corporate financial and service goals. But too often managing workforces across operational disciplines is disjointed – with separate, and sometimes conflicting, goals and standards. RedPrairie helps solve this problem with a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for effectively managing your workforce.
Workforce Management Solutions

* Labor Standards
* Time & Attendance
* Scheduling
* Execution Management
* Learning Management
* Site Manager

Labor Standards
Doing it the right way

Fair and accurate labor standards can significantly impact the performance of workers in retail, distribution and manufacturing. The key is not only how these standards are set, but the job design that sits behind them.
Time and Attendance
Collecting, analyzing, managing

Remember the quaint old days when time & attendance was all about punch cards and payroll interfaces? It’s a different story today. More than collecting data, it’s about making your workforce more productive and seeing that your customers are well-served.
The right tools

Juggling staffing decisions based on demand, union rules, government regulations and employee preferences can be a daunting task. Throw in the need to track and reward performance and it’s just about impossible without the right tools.
Execution Management
Working smarter

With so much work to be done and often conflicting demands on workers’ time, can you ensure you always have the right people doing the right tasks to meet corporate objectives? Execution Management solutions can help you schedule the right people, get them working on the right tasks, and provide store-specific compliance data and feedback.
Learning Management
Increasing the toolkit

You wouldn’t go to a doctor who hadn’t earned his medical degree. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who had outdated tools. So why would you trust your business success to employees not adequately trained for their jobs?
Learning Management
RedPrairie Site Manager™

By displaying daily tasks and actions on a single screen or mobile device, managers can see what needs attention quickly and easily, completing each task with just two or three clicks - even while on the sales floor. The result is less time in the back office, and more time in front of customers. More

The full Workforce Suite of integrated applications includes:

* Labor Standards
* Execution Management
* Time & Attendance
* Scheduling
* Learning Management

RedPrairie’s Enterprise Workforce Management provides a common set of performance-based tools to support corporate management, frontline supervisors, store managers and workers across manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and retail operations. The starting point is a clear definition of the work required through engineered standards and optimal methods for performing each task as efficiently and safely as possible. Based on this foundation and demand-based forecasts, workers are scheduled, tasks assigned, performance is measured, feedback is provided and incentives are computed and paid. In addition, online training is provided along with supervisor-based coaching to bring all workers up to required levels of proficiency. It’s a complete approach designed to make your workforce as productive as possible, reduce labor costs, and improve customer service.

Inventory Management Solutions

Visibility and control from the supplier to the consumer
From raw materials through manufacturing and distribution to your ultimate customer, getting the right products to the right place at the right time is the lifeblood of your business. But it isn’t always easy. Disruptions in inventory movement happen all the time – from delayed shipments to unanticipated spikes in demand that take associates away from stocking shelves. It’s in handling these real world disruptions that inventory management solutions differentiate themselves.

* Warehouse Management
* On-Demand WMS
* Store Inventory Management
* Retail Financial Management
* Manufacturing Execution
* Flowcasting / Inventory Planning
* International Trade & Customs

Warehouse Management
Driving real productivity with every move

From before an inbound shipment enters your gate until after an outbound shipment leaves, RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management solution optimizes every move – from raw materials to finished goods, and the material handling equipment and people who move them – enabling the most agile, productive and lean distribution operations possible. That means lower distribution costs and improved return on your supply chain investment.
Online and On-Demand to Better Manage Inventory

RedPrairie, a proven leader in on-demand inventory and warehouse management solutions, integrates inventory and warehouse management processes through one centralized system. RedPrairie's online inventory control provides companies with real-time visibility and control into the movement of inventory across multiple warehouses or within a single location.
Store Inventory Management
Satisfying the customer at the moment of truth

If the inventory isn’t there when the customer is ready to buy – in the right size, color or quantity – the customer isn’t happy and you’ve lost a sale, and perhaps, a customer. Billions are lost every year simply because inventory isn’t on the shelf. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With technologies like automated forecasting and replenishment as part of your perpetual inventory program, you can significantly reduce out-of-stocks while supporting localization of assortment and cost reduction.
Retail Finacial Management
Guarding your financial health

You go through considerable effort and expense to draw revenue through your front door. Don’t let the fruits of your labor trickle out the back door. RedPrairie Financial Management tracks cash and other financial transactions from the time they enter the store until safely deposited at the bank—and beyond. It is critical to quickly identifying cash shrinkage and areas of risk so immediate action leads to minimized theft and fraud.
Manufacturing Execution
Synchronizing supply with production

Effective logistics is an essential component of world class manufacturing. Optimal production schedules, yields and productivity are dependent on a predictable flow of raw materials and components into the manufacturing process in proper sequence, time-sensitive management of work order processing, and the smooth flow of finished goods into distribution. RedPrairie’s Manufacturing Execution solution directs the flow of materials and work throughout the manufacturing process to produce efficient, error-free results.
Flowcasting / Inventory Planning
Rethinking the Retail Supply Chain

A completely integrated retail supply chain is now possible – with the potential to provide substantial bottom-line benefits for both manufacturers and retailers.
International Trade and Customs
Combining customs, excise and distribution expertise

RedPrairie’s comprehensive International Trade & Customs suite can help you make sure you are in compliance as well as take advantage of duty management opportunities to reduce tax payments and improve import / export profitability. More

Inventory management isn’t about storage anymore. It’s about the movement of goods – flow-through, cross-docking, just-in-time, eliminating out-of-stocks. It’s about making your inventory and people more productive. This requires new tools for visibility, agility and control. RedPrairie Inventory Management gives you greater visibility and control at every stage of the process – across channels, geographies, suppliers and locations. It enables you to sense demand at the store level and calculate inventory levels and timing up through your supply chain to reduce forecast error and safety stock. This reduces costs and waste while improving on-shelf availability. Inventory Management is the one place to go to better manage your inventory from your suppliers to your consumers.

Transportation Management

An integrated global solution
A state-of-the-art transportation management solution should have more than comprehensive functionality, a services oriented architecture and web deployment. It should also have systems that are intuitive, graphical and simple to configure – systems that make transportation management easier, more visible, and highly adaptive, not just more efficient. That’s the extra value of RedPrairie Transportation Management.
Transportation Management Solutions

* Transportation Management
* Web-based Collaboration
* Fleet Management
* Parcel

Transportation Management
From procurement to settlement

From managing the bid and procurement process to accurate, automated settlement, and everything in between, RedPrairie’s Transportation Management solution will help you streamline transportation operations, reduce costs, comply with international shipping regulations, and provide greater visibility and control over the entire process.
Web-based Collaboration
A window to the world

In today’s internet-centric world, there is no reason not to have complete visibility and communications between all interested parties in transport operations. You should not only know where your shipments are at any time, you should also be able to interact with all parties to set appointments, overcome obstacles, and verify receipt.
Fleet Management
Optimizing delivery

With the high cost of equipment, fuel and labor, making the most productive use of your private fleet has become a business imperative. Optimizing fleet delivery planning and execution can improve utilization, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. But there are a lot of variables involved and delivery problems can pop up quickly.
Good things come in small packages

The explosion of online ordering coupled with inventory strategies that favor smaller, more frequent orders have greatly expanded the importance of efficiently managing parcel shipments. Consolidating shipments, selecting carriers and getting the best rates are critical to cost control, but almost impossible without the new breed of parcel management systems.

The full Transportation Suite of integrated applications includes:

* Transportation Management
* Collaboration Portal
* Fleet Management
* Parcel

If your transportation management strategy still relies on “dialing for diesel,” you’re at a significant cost and service disadvantage compared to your competition. The same is true if your transportation management is spread across multiple sites, systems and providers. To be competitive in today’s high cost – high service environment, you need a comprehensive approach to all of your transportation needs, from procurement to settlement, from parcel to truckload shipments, and from local to global delivery. And this is true of both inbound and outbound operations. It’s a tall order, but one you can handle easily and effectively with a world-class system like RedPrairie’s Transportation Management.

Learning Management

A blended learning approach
You wouldn’t go to a doctor who hadn’t earned his medical degree. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who had outdated tools. So why would you trust your business success to employees not adequately trained for their jobs?

Blended Learning

A blended learning approach combines instructor-led and online learning to enhance comprehension and access across dispersed sites.

Proper training is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of employee productivity and customer service. Too many training programs are perfunctory, out-of-date, and inconsistent across sites. Yet these under-trained employees have a major impact on costs, service and revenue generation.

RedPrairie’s Learning Management is an integral part of the implementation and sustainability of our supply chain and retail operation suite deployments for many customers. It helps these companies build and administer comprehensive, consistent training programs across all sites.

Learning Management uses a blended learning approach that combines instructor-led classes, online training and web-based administration to streamline and facilitate learning across distributed workforces. This decreases time to competency while increasing productivity and consistent customer service across sites.
Centralized administration streamlines training management, course development and analysis of results. Course completion, grades and certifications can be tracked and compared to resulting performance on the job. Thus, compliance is improved and future training needs are readily identified.

And with attracting and retaining skilled workforces a major focus for most companies today, empowering your workforce with training opportunities and job knowledge can not only improve performance, it can increase job satisfaction and retention rates.