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ESR Applicant Generated Reports®
Applicant driven data collection that means less cost and less work. Paperless candidate data collection online that eliminates errors, paper-based forms, and concerns about security and data protection. Find out more...

ESR Assured Compliance®
Paperless automated online compliance managing all federal and state notices and disclosures to create an electronic trail of compliance. Only from ESR! Find out more...

Criminal Record Search
County level search for felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases, usually including date and nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition, and current status. Find out more...

National and Statewide Criminal Databases
The most comprehensive multi-jurisdictional and statewide searches currently available covering large geographical areas inclding sex offender databases and volunteer screening. Find out more...

Driver's License Search
Driving history, verification of driving privileges, motor vehicle records (MVRs), and other information giving insight into level of responsibility and current license status. Find out more...

Social Security Number (SSN) Check Trace
Provides names and addresses associated with social security number (SSN)and may indicate any fraudulent use and verify other information such as past addresses. Find out more...

Credit Reports
Credit history and public records such as judgments, liens, and bankruptcies to help determine suitability for positions involving fiduciary responsibilities and handlingcash. Find out more...

Employment Verification
Includes dates of employment, job title, reason for leaving, and confirms applicant's resume, verifies job history, andhelps eliminate any unexplained gaps in employment. Find out more...

Employment Reference
A more in-depth reference check that seeks to identify job duties, performance, salary, strengths and weaknesses, eligibility for rehire, and other detailed information. Find out more...

Personal Reference Check
Contact personal references to ascertain valuable informationconcerning fitness for the job in question andabout a person's character as it relates to the job opening. Find out more...

Education & License Verifications
Checksdates of attendance, degrees awarded, and searches for "diploma mills"while alsoverifying type of license, whether it is currently valid, dates issued, state, and licensing authority. Find out more...

Civil Records
Tells date of filing, case type, case number or file record, jurisdiction, identity of parties involved if available, and helps uncover suits relevant to employment and former employers. Find out more...

Worker's Compensation
Information about claims and previous injuries that allows the employer to conduct post-job offer reviews in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Find out more...

Form I-9 & E-Verify Services
Helps employers eliminate Employment Eligibility Verification "I-9 Form" errors, improve accuracy of reporting, protect jobs for authorized workers, and maintain legal workforces. Find out more...

International Background Screening
International background checks and employment/education verificationsforU.S. employers conducting due diligence on individuals who have lived, worked, or studied abroad.. Find out more...

Sex Offender Database Searches
A state-by-state guide since each state has different policies and procedures formaintaining sexual offender databases and vary in terms of frequency of updates. Find out more...

Drug Testing
Helps smalland mediumbusinesses that want to conduct pre-employment drug testing quickly, easily, and inexpensively before hiring new employees. Find out more...

Screening Solutions by Industry
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The Safe Hiring Manual

The Safe Hiring Manual by ESR CEO Lester Rosen

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is "the firm that wrote the book on background checks" with ‘The Safe Hiring Manual – The Complete Guide to Employment Screening Background Checks for Employers, Recruiters, and Jobseekers’ by ESR founder and CEO Attorney Lester S. Rosen, who has authored a new updated and expanded second edition of his comprehensive handbook on background screening that was published in October 2012. The 736 page book includes new chapters on the April 2012 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidance on criminal records and social media background checks. For more information and to order the book, visit:

This second edition of ‘The Safe Hiring Manual’ is intended to be the most all-encompassing and up to date guide to background checks for employers and is a complete blueprint detail of how to exercise due diligence throughout the hiring process. The book is an ideal tool for employers, Human Resources, security professionals, private investigators, employment law attorneys, and background screening firms that will help them learn:

* How to create and establish comprehensive company policies, practices, and procedures to avoid negligent hiring problems and to stay out of court.
* How to verify degrees and credentials, and legally obtain and use criminal records.
* The best practices associated with all the components of a background check.
* In-depth pre-employment background screening and investigative techniques.
* How to audit the effectiveness of current hiring programs.

In addition, the book details how to exercise due diligence throughout the hiring process, significantly increasing an employer’s chance of avoiding the financial and legal nightmares of even one bad hiring decision. The second edition includes several new features including:

* Analysis of April 2012 EEOC Guidance on the use of criminal record by employers.
* New Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) mandated forms as of January 1, 2013.
* New chapter on Social Media Background Checks and the legal risks involved.
* New material on lawsuits against employers and background screening firms.
* Updated material on international screening, E-Verify, and use of credit reports.
* More than 200 extra pages in the new expanded edition.

‘The Safe Hiring Manual’ also adds new information about subject matter from the first edition of the book:

* Effective use of applications, interviews, and past employer checks as key hiring tools.
* Compliance with legal mandates including the FCRA, EEOC, Patriot Act, Privacy laws, Sarbanes-Oxley, state law compliance, and other legal issues.
* Critical information on how to identify terrorists and perform international background checks.
* How to select a pre-employment screening firm and how the background screening industry works.

The original edition of ‘The Safe Hiring Manual’ was the first comprehensive book on how to conduct background checks and exercise due diligence throughout the hiring process. The revised second edition examines developing issues in background checking such as the use of social media to screen candidates, screening employees post-hire, and the dangers of utilizing foreign data centers for screening. The book also updates users on new laws and recent developments in the use of criminal records and credit reports by employers. For more information, visit

About the Author:

Attorney Lester Rosen is Founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a San Francisco, CA-area background check firm accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®), a distinction held by less than 2 percent of all screening firms. He is the author of "The Safe Hiring Manual," the most comprehensive book on pre-employment background screening, and 'The Safe Hiring Audit.'
Rosen is also a frequent presenter nationwide and his speaking appearances have included numerous national conferences. He was the chairperson of the steering committee that founded the NAPBS, a professional trade organization for the screening industry, and served as the first co-chairman.

'ESR Speaks'

Safe Hiring Experts Talk about Screening

Looking for a nationally recognized speaker on Safe Hiring, Criminal Background Checks, Reference Checking, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Homeland Security, and other related background screening topics to present at your conference, seminar, or workshop session?

The 'ESR Speaks' Speaking & Training Schedule showcases Attorney at Law and nationally recognized safe hiring expert Lester Rosen, founder and President of ESR of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a San Francisco Bay area background check provider accredited by The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®).

Rosen is the author of 'The Safe Hiring Manual - The Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Imposters, and Terrorists Out of Your Workplace,' the first comprehensive book on employment screening, and has also written 'The Safe Hiring Audit.' He is a consultant and frequent presenter nationwide on pre-employment screening and safe hiring issues and his speaking appearances include numerous national and statewide conferences.

Rosen has also qualified and testified in the California, Florida, and Arkansas Superior Courts as an expert witness on issues surrounding safe hiring and due diligence and was also the chairperson of the steering committee that founded the NAPBS, a professional trade organization for the screening industry and served as the first co-chairman.

To visit the 'ESR Speaks' schedule page on the ESR website, please click this link.

For a list of 'ESR Speaks' training presentations for the rest of 2011, please click this link.

ESR Online Safe Hiring Course

Have you ever had a problem employee? Do you know how to avoid hiring one? How do you avoid hiring someone with falsified credentials or inappropriate criminal record? How do you comply with the myriad of state and federal laws dealing with privacy and hiring discrimination? If these are issues that affect you, then you can find out the answers to these questions and others with the 'ESR Online Safe Hiring Certification Training Course.'

This intensive 30-hour online educational and professional development course was designed by Attorney and safe hiring expert Lester Rosen, founder and President of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), and is sutiable for employers, human resource professionals, security personnel, and anyone responsible for risk management and due diligence in hiring and pre-employment background screening.

The 'ESR Online Safe Hiring Certification Training Course' is a self-paced, web-based course that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, whether at home or at work. Valuable features of this course include:

* Convenient 24/7/365 availability through any on-line connection.
* 21 self-paced lessons on Safe Hiring practices.
* A printable, 190-page Workbook to facilitate note-taking and preparation for review quizzes.
* Review quizzes after each lesson featuring more than 300 questions about safe hiring and background screening.
* Easy access to useful safe hiring web-links.
* Industry certification in Safe Hiring.

Through this course, participants will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and manage a legal and effective safe hiring program including employment screening background checks. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, marking a significant professional accomplishment.

For more information about the course, visit or e-mail