The AutoScheduling module uses highly sophisticated WorkPlace written algorithms either:-

to produce brand-new more efficient schedules based upon the forecast workload demand and availability/preferences of staff together with the business/ schedule rules


to improve directly the service level and ineffectiveness of the existing tried-and-tested schedules by making only small changes in shift duration and start/finish times and without changing the particular days worked by individual staff unless by prior agreement and even then only a few at a time.

This latter method and approach was invented, implemented and tested by WorkPlace in 2009 and is unique to WorkPlace. It has radically changed the practicality, speed of deployment and acceptance levels by staff and management of Scheduling systems. It is referred to as the Baseline Flex AutoScheduling method.

This approach to producing improved schedules takes away completely the change management issue and the significant resistance by staff and management to new schedules. As staff leave and are replaced with more appropriate working times the schedules become highly efficient with improved service levels and significantly reduced ineffective/wasted hours in the schedules. Improvements of 2% to 7% are possible within a very quick period of implementation.