CedarCrestone has been recognized by the Oracle PartnerNetwork with Specialization in PeopleSoft PeopleTools and PeopleSoft Human Capital Management.

From implementation to post-production support, CedarCrestone is dedicated to delivering the highest caliber of solutions to meet your every PeopleSoft Enterprise need. CedarCrestone hires and attracts the best and brightest professionals with deep expertise in each of the PeopleSoft product pillars, with specific focus in Financials, Human Capital Management, and Campus Solutions. What truly differentiates us is the combination of our strong, long-lasting relationship with Oracle; the skill level of our consultants; and our comprehensive set of consulting and managed services designed to be customizable to fit the scope of your project and lead to success in your industry. You have invested in the world-class PeopleSoft Enterprise solution, CedarCrestone will make sure you get the greatest value from your investment.

CedarCrestone’s services all utilize the Propel Methodology that embodies four distinct guiding principles:

* A strong methodology is imperative to realize client success; without it, the project's outcome is incalculable.
* The project approach is results oriented, ensuring that deliverables meet expectations and provide momentum for the next project phase.
* Key business decisions are made using a process driven approach, providing assurance that critical business processes are the factors that drive major decisions.
* To achieve a win/win result, the project approach must closely align with the client’s objectives; where differences lie, the methodology must offer flexibility.

The key differentiator of CedarCrestone’s Propel Methodology is its "process driven" approach, which is evident in the Preview and subsequent fit/gap or prototyping sessions. The Preview accelerates fact-finding to enable decision making earlier in the project, while the facilitated fit/gap or Interactive Design and Prototyping (IDP) sessions focus on the client’s business requirements.

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