Consulting Services

As your strategic partner, Stegmeier Consulting Group offers consulting & educational programs to support:

PHYSICAL/VIRTUAL WORK ENVIRONMENT. Flex work, telework, and workforce mobility initiatives, facilities optimization, workspace utilization studies, alternative workspace strategies and implementation, transforming cultures of territorialism and entitlement, LEED and other sustainability initiatives, and workplace branding

HUMAN CAPITAL. Downsizing/mergers/acquisitions, consolidation, restructuring, attraction and retention, accommodation of the multigenerational workforce, work-life balance strategies, employee engagement, Great Place to Work® competition, and employer-of-choice initiatives

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT/BEHAVIORAL CHANGE. Productivity measurement, accountability reinforcement, performance management, client centricity and the customer experience, workforce alignment to support changes in reporting, process change, or other improvement initiatives

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Leadership skills for the workplace of the future, mobile workforce management, business communication for the multigenerational workforce, coaching on best practices in leading change, and identifying and preparing the next generation of business leaders

ORGANIZATIONAL INNOVATION. Innovation strategy, development of infrastructure for innovation, improvement of collaboration, and the innovation-friendly workplace