The ROI Calculator

The ROI Calculator is an economic analysis and decision support tool that enables an organization to compile data on the full costs of supporting knowledge workers, to build alternative scenarios of different workplaces and work arrangements, and to conduct return-on-investment analysis of the value of moving from the current baseline to one scenario or another.

The ROI Calculator is a spreadsheet-based analytic tool that allows users to enter both current financial data and estimated future costs in a comprehensive chart of accounts structure. The tool then produces a pro forma income and expense statement for each completed scenario, as well as analysis of the economic changes over time as new work arrangements are introduced. The cost categories include:

-Labor/HR costs of the workforce
-Facilities and Facilities Support Costs (including furniture and -equipment)
-Technology and IT Support Costs
-HR Support Costs
-Administrative Support Costs
-Management Costs

The ROI Calculator enables you to test alternate workforce profiles, varying space configurations, and a variety of cost options, and to compare the consolidated economic consequences of those options.

The ROI Calculator is in the final stages of initial development. The tools is currently being tested and validated by the Future of Work members.