Dayforce Human Capital Management (HCM)

Our Dayforce HCM solution is a cloud-based employee management system to help streamline your human capital management needs for improved accuracy and efficiency.

One Employee Record, One User Experience, and Zero Interfaces
Arm your organization with intuitive tools that drive profitability, success and results. Dayforce HCM addresses your human capital management needs in a single, reliable, end-to-end, SaaS application that streamlines and accelerates processes, improves accuracy, enhances efficiencies and drives business results.

One Employee Record – Consolidates all HCM processes
One User Experience – A consistent, intuitive interaction for all users
Zero Interfaces – For ease of use, enhanced accessibility and elimination of errors

Stop struggling with cumbersome, costly, disjointed solutions. Get best-of-breed human capital management capabilities in a single, cloud-based solution.

Dayforce HCM aligns the needs and interests of employees, managers and administrators to deliver better bottom-line performance. Built on the innovative Dayforce platform, the application delivers Payroll, Tax, Benefits, Human Resources, Workforce Management and Talent Management to transform your business.

For Employees:
•       Unparalleled usability and mobility
•       A one-stop-shop for work-related information and transactions
•       Consistent, easy-to-learn user interface

For Managers:
•       Real-time access to reports and embedded analytics
•       Flexible processes allow for a more balanced work week
•       Process automation and employee self-service minimize administrative tasks

For Executives:
•       Real-time visibility into key data across modules
•       Quick implementations and high user adoption for rapid ROI
•       A single application with consistent business rules ensures security and improves compliance

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and to learn how Dayforce HCM can transform human capital management in your organization.

Dayforce Human Resources

Our Dayforce Human Resources software transforms your HR department into a strategic resource for HR communications, details and employee benefits.

Accurate and Accessible Information Across the Enterprise
Transform your HR department into a strategic resource. With Dayforce Human Resources, you can look forward to increased savings, consolidated HR records and faster, more accurate processes.

Dayforce Human Resources takes the stress out of HR record entry, reduces tedious approval processes and provides your team with intuitive tools to:
•       Communicate across the enterprise
•       Access and manage key HR details
•       Empower employees to manage work and life events

Stop struggling to onboard employees without the right support to ease their transition. Stop worrying that changes to employee status are being made in a vacuum, without insight or visibility. Provide a streamlined, guided process that walks employees through transitions. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from real-time analytics and benchmarking.

Dayforce Human Resources features:
•       Workflows and workflow managers to expedite processes and approvals
•       Dynamic and manager-specific forms
•       Message center
•       Federal and state tax calculations
•       Guided processes

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and to learn how Dayforce HCM can transform HR administration in your organization.

Dayforce Payroll

Dayforce Payroll
With Dayforce Payroll, organizations can see up to fifty percent reductions in payroll processing time as well as increased accuracy. ROI is swift and tangible.

Our innovative application takes the stress out of payroll processing and provides you with intuitive tools to:
•       Preview and fix records in real-time.
•       Configure audits to identify errors quickly and easily.
•       Provide employees with self-service earnings statements and tax forms.

Stop struggling with tedious edits and calculations, difficult to access earning statements and cumbersome administrative tasks. Transform your payroll processing system so you can access data anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.

Dayforce Payroll features:
•       Quick entry of time and pay
•       Configurable audits
•       Real-time fix & preview
•       Tax record updates
•       Self-service access to earnings
•       User-defined reports and embedded analytics
•       Mobile access to earnings statements

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and to learn how Dayforce HCM can transform payroll in your organization.

Dayforce Mobile

Dayforce Mobile for iOS and Android puts access to a variety of human capital management tasks into the hands of employees and managers. Employees gain up-to-the-minute access to schedules and other aspects of their employee record, while managers gain unprecedented visibility into HR, payroll and operations, even when on-the-go.

Dayforce Mobile helps employees by improving communication, work/life balance, and access to time-sensitive schedule information.

Mobile apps enable employees to:

- View and manage personal availability week by week.
- Clock in and out with geo-validation of punches.
- View upcoming, scheduled and on-call shifts.
- Review and submit requests for time away from work.
- View messages, alerts and notifications.
- View payroll card deposits, withdrawals and purchases.
- View earnings statements for current or previous pay periods.

Managers who use Dayforce Mobile will get access to the information they need to make decisions and respond to employee needs without taking time off the floor.

Mobile apps enable managers to:

- View daily attendance and perform call-ins.
- Track employee time and attendance.
- View a list of employees, their contact information, and recent/upcoming shifts.
- View and track completion status of tasks.
- Review and approve time off requests.
- Compose and receive messages, alerts and notifications.

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn how mobile applications from Ceridian Dayforce can put human capital management tasks into the hands of employees and managers.

Dayforce Benefits

Your organization’s benefits package is more than a vehicle for attracting top talent. It’s a commitment to your organization’s greatest source of competitive advantage: your workforce. With Dayforce Benefits, you can rest assured that your benefits spending is leveraged strategically and meaningfully to position you for business growth.

Take the stress out of benefits administration and provide your team with intuitive tools to:
- Manage open enrollment
- Calculate, test and analyze eligibility
- Support an unlimited number of plan types

Stop struggling with static, spreadsheet-based records, a lack of visibility, and cumbersome batch processing to calculate employee eligibility. Transform your benefits administration to provide enhanced flexibility, self-service access and sophisticated analytics.

Dayforce Benefits features:
- Benefits enrollment
- Plan management
- Rate preview
- Reporting/analytics
- Carrier setup
- Real-time eligibility

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and learn how Dayforce HCM can transform employee benefits administration in your organization.

Dayforce Time & Attendance

Our Dayforce Time and Attendance application helps your business automate clocking and streamline employee payroll.

Dayforce’s robust Time & Attendance application helps your organization automate clocking and streamline time sheet maintenance by enabling you to track employee time, edit and automate clocks and punches, and communicate with employees throughout the payroll closeout process. Dayforce offers innovative functionality that is less expensive and quicker to deploy than competing solutions. The Time & Attendance module helps managers calculate gross pay quickly and accurately while complying with complex regulations, all on one, easy-to-navigate screen.

Key advantages of Dayforce Time & Attendance include:

Easy-to-Reconcile Timecard
•       Automated pay process checklist
•       Instant exceptions processing
•       Easy to identify and correct problems

Complete Audit and Compliance Functionality
•       Innovative pay and punch policies
•       Comprehensive hour & wage rule configuration
•       Easily administers complex local, state/provincial and federal labor laws Comprehensive validation and audit trail

Collaborative Time Card Review
•       Employee review and approval
•       Facilitates collaborative communication between managers, administrators and employees
•       Built-in meal/break waiver process

Live, Visual Feedback
•       Real-time, to-the-punch costing
•       Immediate visibility of the full impact of adjustments

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and to learn how Dayforce Time & Attendance can transform workforce management in your organization.

Dayforce Touch

Dayforce Touch, available for purchase or rent, provides an intuitive, graphical user experience for capturing employee time and attendance data. Combined with built-in self-service functionality, our tablet-based device provides a compelling alternative to traditional punch clocks.

Flexible Time Capture
- Dayforce Touch offers flexible options for capturing and validating employee punches in order to meet the unique needs of your business environment
- Allows for any combination of validation options, including PIN, bar code, magnetic stripe, RFID, proximity card, biometric verification and facial recognition

Eliminate "Buddy Punching"
- Provides a deep layer of protection against "buddy punching" through facial recognition technology combined with biometric verification
- Enables front line managers to easily identify and put an end to all forms of "buddy punching" by capturing and storing employees’ photos with each recorded punch

Enforce Compliance
- Validates punches against schedules and provides real-time feedback as punches are recorded
- Enforces Federal, State, Provincial and organizational labor compliance at the clock

Increase Employee Engagement
- Improves employee engagement by providing robust self-service functionality
- Includes ability to view and send messages, review schedules and timecards, request time-off and view balances, manage availability and watch training videos – all from an intuitive, touch-based user interface.

Dayforce Touch is easy to install and equally easy to maintain. True to Dayforce HCM’s SaaS delivery model, all upgrades are deployed automatically through the cloud, eliminating costly maintenance fees and overhead.

Contact us at 800-729-7655 for a free consultation and to learn how Dayforce HCM can transform human capital management in your organization.

Workforce Management

Dayforce Workforce Management delivers critical advantages for employees, managers and administrators. Improve workforce performance, reduce labor cost and align your workforce with your corporate goals. As part of our transformative Human Capital Management solution, Dayforce Workforce Management enables you to spend more time focusing on strategic business activities.

Time & Attendance

Track employee time, edit and automate clocks and punches with innovative Dayforce Time & Attendance functionality that is less expensive and quicker to deploy than competing solutions. Help your managers calculate pay quickly and accurately while complying with complex regulations.

Labor Budgeting
Reduce labor costs and align operations with your key performance indicators using the labor budgeting capabilities of Dayforce Workforce Management. Improve accountability by:

Weekly Planning & Scheduling
Plan, project and schedule confidently with Dayforce Weekly Planning & Scheduling module. Your managers get real-time feedback about how planning and scheduling adjustments will impact results.

Attendance Management
Reduce absenteeism, and costs, with the rich visual interface of Dayforce Attendance Management. You'll be able to monitor attendance patterns and easily inform employees of their attendance history.

Task Management
Create tasks and easily assign them to specific business units, locations, departments, and employees – available with Dayforce Task Management.

Clocking Devices
Record shift start and end times with the flexible and simple-to-use time clock options available with Dayforce Workforce Management. Choose from a variety of time data collection methods:

Dayforce Mobile
Employees get up-to-the-minute access to schedules and other aspects of their employee record, while managers get visibility into HR, payroll and operations, even when on-the-go.

Contact us at 800-729-7655 or visit to learn more or see a demo.

HR Compliance

ThinkHR Comply Product Suite
As an HR professional or business owner, you face daily challenges understanding and complying with federal and state employment laws. Why struggle on your own? Our referral partners at ThinkHR provide a complete suite of easy-to-use, easy-to-understand solutions covering a wide range of compliance topics, freeing you to focus on your core business.

When you’re facing a real-time employment issue, you can rely on ThinkHR Comply online compliance solutions to guide you through the complex legal maze and help you mitigate the risk of noncompliance. And their comprehensive training programs help you proactively manage discrimination and harassment prevention.

ThinkHR Compliance Reference System:
ThinkHR’s Compliance Reference System is a uniquely powerful and practical Web-based solution to the difficulties inherent in managing your business within the maze of federal and state employment and employee benefits laws.

Federal and 50-state commentary, statutes, and regulations provide current, complete, and consistent coverage on topics including compensation and hours, discrimination, health care reform, working with independent contractors, employee leave, termination, and more.

Employment Law Email Update Service:
Designed for busy professionals who need to stay abreast of the latest compliance developments, the ThinkHR Comply Employment Law Email Update Service delivers important changes in state and federal employment laws directly to your in-box.

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention eLearning:
ThinkHR Comply’s Web-based Discrimination and Harassment Prevention eLearning solution provides a flexible, cost effective training module with interactive assessments.

Management Discrimination Prevention Training:
Furnish your managers with the advanced knowledge and training they require to remain in compliance with discrimination laws and policies. Delivered in two easy-to-understand modules, the program uses real-life scenarios to empower your managers to proactively address workplace harassment and discrimination before they arise.

To stay compliant with ever-changing employment laws and regulations, contact ThinkHR today, (925) 225-1000.

Business Intelligence

[u][b][url=,6267,17510,00.html]Business Intelligence Analytics[/url][/b][/u] With one common source for data, Ceridian Business Intelligence Analytics ensures that your organization has access and visibility to accurate, real-time human capital data. You can create and share reports without the need for special technical knowledge and save time and effort. Ceridian Business Intelligence Analytics help you: • Create insightful reports to make better, more strategic business decisions • Easily share information across the organization without concern of redundant or outdated information • Eliminate inaccurate, time-consuming processes for consolidating and preparing data across multiple systems Make better decisions based on consistent calculations and streamlined reporting. Create an environment where it's easy to share and analyze data to move your business forward. [u][b][url=,6267,17510,00.html]Business Intelligence Dashboards[/url][/b][/u] Ceridian Business Intelligence Dashboards allow you to quickly communicate critical human capital data and trends visually. Graphs and charts tell a complex story in a direct way so that you can focus on using the information to make the best decision for your organization. Ceridian Business Intelligence Dashboards help you:     • Share information across the organization in a format that’s easy to digest     • Review key performance indicators, such as headcount and compensation, for easy analysis     • Save valuable IT, payroll and human resources time through pre-built templates that don’t require special programming knowledge     • Compare your organization against similar industries for benchmarking and best practice sharing Enable your organization to achieve its goals with higher quality insight that makes for better, more effective decision-making with positive results. Call 1-800-729-7655 to learn more or visit

International Payroll Solutions

As a global payroll provider, Ceridian provides International Payroll Solutions that can help your organization operate in 2 countries or 20. Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Payroll Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services places Ceridian in a leading position, noting our strategic mindset and adaptability to international payroll customer needs. Ceridian is the global payroll services provider that can provide in-country expertise, compliance, central coordination and cost control to manage international payroll processing efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ceridian's International Payroll Services will help you:
- Expand your global footprint
- Manage international payroll services with a single point of contact
- Sign a single global payroll provider contract
- Integrate newly acquired or build emerging international businesses
- Spin off or transition to new global business systems and processes

When you contract with Ceridian for international payroll processing, you'll sign a single contract to leverage the expertise of our growing network of in-country international payroll processing providers. Our ability to deliver global payroll services and technology consistently is one of the reasons Ceridian's international payroll solutions are so highly regarded.

Select Ceridian as your global payroll provider to:
- Comply with local legislative and corporate requirements
- Respond quickly to corporate development activity
- Reduce number of international payroll providers and vendors
- Gain control over your global human resources and payroll information

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to partner with a global payroll provider who can help you transform your international payroll processing with Ceridian's International Payroll Solutions.

Employee Assistance & Wellness

The Ceridian LifeWorks family of employee assistance and wellness solutions is designed to help empower your employees to become healthier and more productive. By adding LifeWorks resources to your benefit offerings, you can show your dedication to your employees’ wellbeing and work-life balance, while improving their productivity and retention.

LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program and Work-Life
Provide vital EAP and Work-Life support to assist with your employees’ personal and professional challenges, so they can be more present and productive at work.

LifeWorks Corporate Health & Wellness Programs
Encourage healthy behaviors among your employees to realize greater productivity and reduced health care costs. Offer a wealth of online tools and resources to support your employees and their families in addressing personal and work-related issues.
Offer a wealth of online tools and resources to support your employees and their families in addressing personal and work-related issues.

LifeWorks Management Services
Give your managers the tools they need to deal with employee issues and situations in the workplace, including critical incident management services.

LifeWorks Mobile
Conveniently access the valuable information and resources on from your mobile device with Ceridian's free LifeWorks Mobile app.

Value Dashboards
An easier way to deal with "big data," Value Dashboards provide the data you need for accountability and understanding of benefits program performance.

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about Ceridian's LifeWorks EAP and Work-Life services.

Benefits Administration

[u][b][url=]Benefits Continuation[/url][/b][/u] By partnering with Ceridian’s Benefits Continuation experts, your company will: - Maintain compliance with federal guidelines - Contain costs by ensuring eligibility of benefit continuants - Reduce your administrative tasks so you can focus on your employees [url=,6267,17006,00.html][u][b]Consumer-Directed Health Care[/b][/u][/url] Ceridian provides the technology, tools and service you need to build a successful CDHC program that yields high plan participation, engagement and savings. When you partner with Ceridian for CDHC administration, you can: - Lower health care costs by empowering employees to control their health and costs - Reduce company and employee taxes through pretax contributions and reimbursement - Increase engagement with a mobile app, debit card and communication templates - Improve compliance with complex regulations through alerts and resources - Reach your specific goals with custom plan configurations and account stacking - Simplify your benefits with consolidated account management for all Ceridian accounts [url=,6267,15690,00.html][u][b]Commuter Reimbursement Administration[/b][/u][/url] With Ceridian’s commuter reimbursement services, employees contribute pretax funds to their account via payroll deductions, and can access them for eligible mass transit, parking and van-pooling expenses from a convenient benefits debit card. If you partner with Ceridian for consumer-directed health care accounts, employees can access all accounts via one benefits card and one online self-service portal. When you partner with Ceridian for commuter reimbursement administration, you can: - Simplify your benefits with consolidated account management for all Ceridian accounts - Attract and retain top talent by offering significant savings to your employees - Reduce company and employee taxes through pretax contributions and reimbursement - Increase plan engagement with participant tools such as communication templates - Improve compliance with complex regulations through alerts and resources - Reach your specific goals with flexible plan configuration options and expertise [u][b][url=,6267,15686,00.html]Benefits Administration Outsourcing[/url][/b][/u] When you partner with Ceridian for benefits administration outsourcing, you can: - Streamline enrollment processes with an automated online solution - Relieve your HR staff from paper forms and administrative activities - Improve accuracy and compliance with complex benefits regulations - Guide employees toward smarter decisions with tools and resources - Gain greater insight into your program through real-time reporting [b][url=]Value Dashboards [/url] [/b]Get immediate visibility to your Ceridian benefits program performance and use benefits data to help make business decisions. A single integrated web platform provides dashboard analytics for Ceridian LifeWorks EAP and Work-Life, COBRA Benefits Continuation, and Reimbursement Consumer Directed Health Care (CDHC) solutions – Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Saving Accounts (HSA), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA). Value Dashboards help you: - Proactively identify trends - Demonstrate the value of your benefits offerings - Gain insight into program services - Benchmark your program performance with other employers - Focus on value with a return on investment dashboard that’s simple and intuitive No matter how complex or dispersed your organization, Value Dashboards make access to valuable analytics simple for non-technical business users. With the click of a mouse, you have powerful business information at your fingertips. Call 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about our Benefits Administration Services. 

Tax Credit Services

Many federal and state tax incentives go unclaimed because businesses are either unaware of them or unable to spend time and resources to claim them. Ceridian and Incentives Advisors have partnered to offer comprehensive, compliant tax credit services that ensure you receive the credits you’re entitled to.

When you partner with Ceridian for tax credit services, you can:
- Reduce tax liability by up to $37,500 per eligible hire via current and retroactive credits
- Minimize risk with our contingent pricing option and accuracy guarantee
- Improve productivity by refocusing your staff toward revenue-generating activities
- Ensure significant savings with full-service program identification and audit support
- Reduce paperwork with automated, electronic tax credit screening and e-signatures
- Streamline your recruiting through an interface with Ceridian’s recruiting services

Together, Ceridian and Incentives Advisors provide innovative features and reliable expertise so your staff can remain focused on your business.

Key features include:
- Federal, state and local tax credit program identification
- Payroll data analysis with automated hiring-based credit identification
- Tax credit utilization capability review
- Retroactive refund review up to four years prior
- Audit support documentation preparation
- Compliance updates when regulations change
- Contingency or pre-screen pricing options
- Guaranteed accuracy, or fees and interest are refunded
- Interface with Ceridian’s recruiting services
- Award-winning customer service

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about how Ceridian's tax credit services deliver trusted results through transformative technology.

Payroll Cards

As a leading provider in payment solutions, you can trust Ceridian to pay your employees securely and efficiently. Whether you’re paying employees their wages, rewards or incentives, a payroll card provides them convenience, security and the flexibility of electronic payroll without the need for a bank account.

When you partner with Ceridian for payroll cards, you can:
•       Efficiently pay employees with instant issuance and funding
•       Reduce the cost of check production and distribution as well as lost or stolen checks
•       Build employee goodwill with this convenient, flexible benefit
•       Improve compliance by ensuring on-time payroll delivery and reducing unclaimed property reporting obligations

Ceridian’s payroll cards offer your employees numerous benefits too:
•       Immediate access to pay 24/7
•       Convenient acceptance of the card at millions of ATM locations
•       Ability to easily make purchases and pay bills online
•       Improved personal money management and monitoring
•       All the features of a bank account without all of the cost

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about how Ceridian's payroll cards deliver trusted results through transformative technology.

Talent Management

[url=,6267,15574,00.html][u][b]Recruiting & Screening Services[/b][/u][/url] Hire the right talent every time by using automation and valuable tools to streamline your recruiting and screening processes, from job postings to interviews to drug testing. When you partner with Ceridian for recruiting and screening services, you can:     • Keep your staff focused on finding and developing talent     • Gain greater insight into your hiring practices and costs     • Reduce turnover and risk by making more informed decisions     • Improve compliance with ever-changing labor regulations [url=,6267,15574,00.html][u][b]Performance Management [/b][/u][/url] Choose an online performance management solution that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs, and interfaces with Ceridian HRIS systems. When you partner with Ceridian for performance management, you can:     • Attract and retain top talent by setting employees up for success     • Boost engagement and compliance through objective performance management     • Minimize time spent on manual, error-ridden administrative tasks     • Receive industry-leading expertise through our SuccessFactors partnership Call 1-800-729-7655 to learn more, or visit [url= ] [/url]

Learning Solutions (Canada)

At Ceridian, we put people first. Ceridian Learning Solutions promotes organizational growth and development by providing comprehensive learning solutions that support corporate goals, and objectives.

Ceridian Canada is pleased to offer this suite of professional learning and development programs designed to provide a best-practice approach to training in areas such as Management Development, Employee Productivity, Change Management and Managing Employment issues. Learning Solutions is a blended approach to learning that integrates:

•Classroom training — Our seminars are facilitated by a cross-country network of highly skilled professionals with subject matter expertise. We use a variety of proven instructional strategies such as classroom discussions, simulation exercises, videos, and self-directed action plans to bring concepts to life and enhance learning and retention. Every Ceridian learning experience is interactive, hands-on, and results-oriented. •Group Telephonic Coaching — Coaching is a client-centered partnership in which the coach provides objective listening and observation, focused inquiry, structure, and accountability for the purpose of expanding the participant’s capacity to take effective action and ensure real world application of their learning.
•Online Learning — Access to a custom Learning portal which includes guided learning modules, Business books 24/7 and best practice guidelines that will be assigned as homework to further extend participant’s learning.
All Learning Solutions programs and seminars are available for delivery at your work site. Also available are multi-customer events at easily accessible locations scheduled across the country.

Click on the links below for more information on Ceridian’s Learning Solutions including course schedules and registration for Ceridian's Learning Solutions programs.

•Learning Solutions Catalogue (PDF)
•Multi-Customer Program Schedule
•Registration Form
•Learning Solutions Policy Guidelines (PDF)
•Learning Solutions Attendance Policy (PDF)
Sustainable Results
Learning Solutions offers a prescriptive approach that integrates the best learning modalities into one easy-to-implement solution. The combination of in-class training, group coaching sessions and online learning is a key differentiator, resulting in sustained learning and opportunities for real-world application and discussion/evaluation.

Proven Expertise
Learning Solutions has been developed based on the expertise and knowledge that Ceridian has acquired in developing and delivering training programs to our customers across Canada as well as building award-winning internal management and employee-training programs.

HR Advisory Services (Canada)

HR and employment law experts at your service for one low monthly fee.

Ensuring your HR decisions are in full compliance with best practices and current employment legislation is critical to maintaining a productive workplace—and to avoiding potentially costly legal consequences.

Available to Ceridian customers for a low monthly fee, e2r Solutions can become an "on-call" extension of your HR team whenever you need legal advice, employment documents, negotiation expertise and much more.

Click here to watch a quick presentation on Ceridian HR Advisory Services Powered by e2r Solutions.

Here's how it works. With Ceridian HR Advisory Services, you can talk to experienced HR professionals and employment lawyers any time you have a question or require expert advice.

Ceridian Payroll and HRIS Solutions (Canada)

Take the guesswork and headaches out of managing your entire payroll and HR administration systems.

With Ceridian, you'll be able to choose between web-based, on-premise, fully managed or even multinational payroll solutions, each providing you with improved accuracy and reliability.

Ceridian's Human Resources Information System (HRIS) solutions further enhance your capabilities by delivering measurable HR benefits, including comprehensive data management functionality, customized reporting options, access to legislative expertise, government remittances filed on your behalf and comprehensive year-end services.


Ensure legislative compliance, save time and lower your overall costs by…

•Automating your processes – manage your Human Resources and payroll requirements with confidence and accuracy
•Improving overall departmental efficiency – streamline business processes such as data entry, paperwork and reporting
•Leveraging valuable data – gain access to complete employee information via one system for a clear view of workforce characteristics

Ceridian Print Payment Solutions (Canada)

Take much of the worrisome and tedious administration of your ERP or in-house payroll processes away by simplifying your cheque printing, payment processing and/or tax filing with Ceridian Print Payment Solutions.

Ceridian Print Payment Solutions will help you to reduce the time and money spent managing tedious yet crucial payroll processes such as reconciling a payroll bank account and processing employee direct deposits. Provide greater confidentiality through off-site production quality print facilities that securely seals cheques, pay statements and tax forms. This solution will also take the complexity out of submitting payroll remittances by depositing tax funds on time using the proper deposit method

Choose to use all the services or select only those that you need. You can always add more services or move to our fully outsourced payroll service in the future.

Print Solution (cheques, pay statements and tax forms)
Ceridian Print Solution simplifies your payday production process. You transmit your payment data to us and we will print cheques and/or pay statements on pressure sealed forms, and distribute to your desired locations on time, every time. The single-sheet continuous fold and seal processes provide built-in security features. The service will automate year-end tax form production as well.

Payment Solution (EFT)
This option provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional banking products. A single debit for net payroll saves you time and money on reconciliations. Our solutions will give you peace of mind knowing that Ceridian, an experienced and reliable partner, will ensure payday runs smoothly.

Tax Services (Government Remittances)
Utilizing Ceridian tax filing expertise and automated, electronic processes will deposit tax funds on time, using the proper deposit method. This service will reduce your exposure to significant penalties, interest, and even tax liens due to noncompliance and late or inaccurate tax filings.

Generating payroll in-house can be made a lot easier by allowing Ceridian to manage portions of the process. Your system handles the crucial data and we will take much of the administrative headache away.

Ceridian Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Canada)

People are your most valuable asset. Assess, interview and hire top performers faster with support from Ceridian's comprehensive talent acquisition services. Experienced, professional recruiters can help you focus on strategic business initiatives, while we build the foundation of talent on which your organization's reputation and success thrive.

Ceridian Talent Acquisition Practice provides valuable services in the following areas:

•Recruiting Services
•Workforce Planning
•Applicant Tracking
•Brand Management
•Recruiting Process
•Background Investigations
•Recruitment Training & Coaching

Ceridian Recruiting On Demand (Canada)

Ceridian's Recruiting On Demand a flexible recruitment service model that allows clients to "pick and choose" the level of support best suited to their recruitment needs and budget while ensuring all selected candidates are properly screened and checked. This is a flexible and economic way for organizations to get best-in-class recruiting process administration supported by proven technology and an expert team.

With Recruiting On Demand, you will benefit from a dynamic HR solution specifically configured and designed to meet the needs of your business. Choose from:

•Pre-employment background and reference checks and/or;

•Job advertising with résumé screening or;

•Job advertising with résumé screening, professional behaviourally - based telephone interviews, and interview scheduling with the hiring manager or Candidate sourcing
Get immediate access to Ceridian's recruiting Centre of Excellence, including HR training modules, white papers, reports and salary survey information.

Benefits of Ceridian Recruiting on Demand are:

•On-Demand access: Our best practice know-how and processes are available whenever you need them.

•Complete Flexibility: No implementation costs, no long-term tie-in, cancel anytime you want with 60 days notice and no minimum use requirements.

•Lower Total Recruiting Cost: A low monthly base fee and value priced recruiting options.

•Faster Time-to-Hire: With our recruiting Centre of Excellence working for you at all times, you will benefit from our track record of faster than industry time-to-hire.

•Hands-Off Administration: We run the technology/processes, eliminating administrative burden on your company.

•Strengthened Employer Brand: With our best practice, fully rounded recruiting department behind you, we'll help you put forward a recruiting experience on par with the big recruiting brands that compete for your potential talent.

Ceridian Employee Screening (Canada)

Protect your organization from hiring fraudulent, dishonest or poor quality candidates. Ceridian/BackCheck is the industry leader in Canada and is committed to staying at the forefront of human rights, privacy and employment legislation.

Background checks can include:

•Police clearance (criminal check)
•Credit bureau and ID verification
•Reference interviews and/or Employment verification
•Education verification
•Cross referencing analysis and summary
The measurable benefits of performing background checks include the following:

•Reduction in employee turnover and related costs
•Fewer bad hires
•Significant reduction in costs associated with employee theft
•Assurance that thorough references are taken prior to every hire
•Faster recruiting times
•Safe work place
•Selection of more honest, productive and efficient team
•Protection from negligent hiring litigation

Ceridian Staffing Solutions (Canada)

Whether you need to fill an entry level function or senior management role, a maternity leave or a key role in response to workload spikes, we have the skilled professionals you need, for as long as you need them.

As a trusted partner to more than 40,000 Canadian customers, we provide Staffing Solutions to a number of leading Canadian organizations requiring term/contract employees for temporary positions in:

•Human Resources
•Office Administration

Ceridian Powerpay (Canada)

Flexible, convenient & accessible – the perfect online payroll solutions for your growing business. Stay competitive, focus on what's ahead, and let Ceridian take care of your payroll details.

■Input online (Powerpay Web) or by phone (Powerpay Phone)
■Superior service from Ceridian's Small Business Customer Care team
■Government Remittance services (CPP/QPP, EI & tax)
■Statutory & non-statutory deductions
■Garnishee processing
■Your choice of cheques or direct deposits
■Payroll Preview (Web solution)
■Management Reports, provided either online/paperless (Web Solution) or couriered to your business (Phone solution)
■Custom reports available to suit your unique needs
■Year-end processing & tax form production
■Records of Employment
■Security-sealed forms
■Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Ceridian Insync (Canada)

Manage your company's most valuable asset—your people—more efficiently with Ceridian Insync, our integrated HR and payroll software.

Insync helps to administer all your HR and payroll processes from a single, secure solution plus gives you a centralized view of your workforce so that you can make informed business decisions. With no more re-keying of information and much less paperwork, you deliver payroll accurately and on time, and administer employee information with ease.

You can choose to have Insync installed as an on-premise HR and payroll software solution or hosted by Ceridian in a web-enabled version. Either way, you'll find Ceridian Insync frees up your valuable time to focus on HR strategies rather than the day-to-day processes of HR and payroll.

Ceridian Performance Management (Canada)

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, today's organizations realize that ensuring employee performance connects soundly with business goals is essential to driving business performance, revenue and overall employee engagement and retention levels.

Ceridian Performance makes it easy for businesses of any size to:

•Manage employee performance reviews more effectively
•Set goals for employees that are aligned with business strategy
•Identify and address competency gaps within the organization
•Build employee development plans and career paths
One Performance Management Solution. Four key functions.
1. Performance Reviews

Traditional paper-based performance reviews are well-intended, but once reviews are completed and filed, they're often forgotten. Ceridian Performance maximizes the impact of the appraisal process with review storage and tracking that makes past reviews accessible and informative in light of current performance. Ceridian Performance assessments include 360-degree, 180-degree and self-assessment options.

2. Goal Management

Managing every task for every employee enterprise-wide is a challenge without a focused goal-management system. Ceridian Performance makes it easier to turn corporate strategy into key activities for each business unit and employee. Employee goal setting drives accountability at all levels and ensures that the right person does the right job at the right time.

3. Competency Management

Ceridian Performance allows you to identify competency and skill gaps within your organization—and makes it easy to take steps to repair them. You can automatically administer 360-degree, 180-degree and selfassessments, quickly generate employee development plans, and recommend training or other solutions based on the issues you discover.

4. Development Plans

With Ceridian Performance, individual development plans are dynamically generated based on employee competency scores. These plans may address a competency gap or further develop strengths that have been identified. Development plans can be designed in collaboration with employees and help you measure performance improvements and chart career paths.

Ceridian Learning Management (Canada)

More effective training. Less cost and administration.
The more your employees know about your business, the more valuable they are to your company. But many organizations struggle to cost-effectively train, develop and retain their workforce while providing personalized learning to ensure compliance. With Ceridian Learning, every course, every employee and every goal within each business unit, will serve to drive performance and revenue for your company.

Ceridian Learning makes it easy for businesses of any size to:

•Track course costs, employee interest and workflow
•Reduce training expenses by 50 to 70%
•Author and publish customized materials for employees with ease
•Centralize company knowledge for informal learning
One Learning Management Solution. Four key functions.
1. Instructor-led

Training Instructor-led training allows your employees to gain insight and knowledge while working face-to-face in a team environment. Ceridian Learning handles event and session planning, automated roster and registration administration and advanced waitlist management and interest tracking.

2. E-learning and the Virtual Classroom

E-learning cuts training costs, improves learner retention and increases training efficiency. Ceridian Learning is one of the only learning management systems to give you immediate access to over 30,000 learning titles addressing compliance requirements, professional development, sales training, management skills and more. And your virtual classroom allows you to conduct local, regional or international online seminars, which gives you all the benefits of personalized training without the high cost of travel.

3. Content Management

Ceridian Learning allows you to author, publish and deploy media-rich materials for your employees. And these customized, courses can be created without prior programming knowledge. The system will even automatically grade questions, making results instantly available for global and individual reporting.

4. Knowledge Management

The most valuable learning in any organization is the informal sharing of information between fellow workers. The Ceridian Learning Knowledge Bank allows users to post discussions, query internal subject matter experts, review proprietary documentation and consult online resources while administrators determine topics, moderate discussions and define access roles. Housing company information in a central location minimizes communication gaps between divisions, position levels or regions.

Ceridian Succession Management (Canada)

Retain and grow your best talent.
Today you know exactly what your business looks like. But having an accurate picture of where your business will be tomorrow-and years down the road-is what will drive your future growth and success.

Ceridian Succession makes it easy for you to:

•Plan employee career paths and map the future of your business
•Manage employee experience in one comprehensive database
•Build the most efficient teams to handle every project
•Promote employees from within based on precise criteria
One Succession Management Solution. Four key functions.
1. Succession Planning

Preparing internal talent for future roles and mapping each employee's development path years in advance are important steps in keeping your business running smoothly. Ceridian Succession allows you to see what the organization will look like years down the road, identify skill gaps before they occur, and place promising employees on the proper career path to meet future challenges most effectively.

2. Career Profiling

Ceridian Succession makes it easy to identify your employees' unique skill sets, education and experience-and capture this data in a compre hensive, searchable database. Career profiling allows you to recruit the most effective employees internally, cut external hiring costs, and increase employee retention by providing upward mobility within the organization.

3. Team Building

With the Ceridian Succession Team Builder tool, you can quickly assemble the most efficient teams to handle specific tasks and special projects. Because each employee's skills and experience are tracked in your career profiling database, you can quickly find the right group of employees for each task based on skill set, current job position, previous roles, education, licenses, and more.

4. Internal Recruiting

Promoting from within improves employee retention and lowers your recruiting and training costs. Ceridian Succession makes it easier to identify the right candidates by allowing you to search for employees by position, skills, certifications, experience, willingness to relocate and much more. You can also track candidates who have been considered but not hired for past openings so you can manage retention risks and offer these employees developmental opportunities.

Ceridian Applicant Tracking (Canada)

Ceridian Applicant Tracking

Intuitive. Flexible. Powerful. Find, assess and hire top talent faster and easier. Ceridian Applicant Tracking enables your organization to maximize the value of people. From requisition creation and approval to the hire, Ceridian Applicant Tracking is the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Speak to a Ceridian HR & payroll solutions expert today and learn how Ceridian can give you the freedom to focus on your business.

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Ceridian Managed Payroll Solutions (Canada)

Ceridian Managed Payroll Solutions

The day-to-day payroll demands of large and small businesses alike require constant and consistent management. Add to this the ongoing growth and turnover of your employee base and the increasing complexity of government regulation, and you have all the reasons required for choosing Ceridian to manage your organization’s payroll.

Ceridian Managed Payroll Services for Small and Mid-market Businesses

Mitigate risk while gaining the advantage of prompt, accurate payroll processing. We’ll provide legislative and compliance support and even handle inquiries your employees may have regarding their payroll. It’s just one way we’ll give your small business a big business edge.

Ceridian Managed Payroll Solutions for Large and Enterprise Businesses

Why waste valuable time and resources trying to keep up with the quickly growing Payroll and HR demands of your business? With Ceridian, our professionals become your payroll department. Put the power of the industry’s top experts to work for you, backed by the industry’s best end-to-end solutions.

Ceridian Managed Payroll Services Web-based Solution

Build a better business with Ceridian Managed Payroll Services which combines our automated Managed Payroll & HR solution with leading web based employee self-service technology. This comprehensive, fully outsourced web-based solution will manage and streamline your data collection and payroll management processes, in order to improve workflow, save time and money, reduce risk and increase compliance. Your employees will also have the capability to control their own information, automating time-consuming data entry with configurable workflows.

Ceridian Managed Pension Payments

Trusted by organizations representing more than 150,000 Canadian retirees, Ceridian’s payroll experts can free your HR and payroll professionals to get back to the work that helps your business today.

Speak to a Ceridian HR & payroll solutions expert today and learn how Ceridian can give you the freedom to focus on your business. Call Toll-Free 1.877.237.4342.

Ceridian Multinational Solutions (Canada)

Ceridian Multinational Solutions

Ceridian stands out as one of the few HR and payroll solution providers who can offer you fully-outsourced services on an international basis. We have the resources in place to cover your HR and payroll needs on a global scale in over 50 countries within the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Ceridian's multinational solutions help organizations effectively manage global employees; obtain a global view of the organization and generate consolidated reports; mitigate compliance risk in all employment countries; accurately predict costs; and focus on core business.

Ceridian Multinational Payroll – in over 50 countries
Ceridian Multinational Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – in over 100 countries

Key Benefits of Ceridian's Multinational Solution

Contract – You'll sign just one contract that guarantees the same level of service, but has the flexibility to meet the changing needs of your business.
Control – You'll see greater control and management of all your international operations.
Compliance – You'll be sure to comply with local legislation in each country without needing to acquire extensive local knowledge.
Consolidation – You'll get a comprehensive and consolidated reporting tool allowing Finance and HR executives to gain a single, global view of their employee costs and staff changes.
Consistency – You're guaranteed a consistent level of service and process management across your business.
Critical Performance Indicators – We'll work with you to determine a set of performance indicators to ensure your targets are met in each country.
Cost – You'll see a cost effective service with proven return on investment.

Speak to a Ceridian HR & payroll solutions expert today and learn how Ceridian can give you the freedom to focus on your business. Call Toll-Free 1.877.237.4342.

Dayforce Education

You need your people to learn new processes quickly, and we have the tools to help. We offer comprehensive and customizable blended solutions to help you execute stress-free training for your organization.

Dayforce Essentials - Introductory videos and materials for all users
Short and sweet videos get you started, and end user training plans help you develop and execute your end user training. As a Dayforce user you’re already a member of Dayforce Essentials for anytime, anywhere access.

Dayforce Live - Live, interactive instructor-led training delivered on location or virtually
Let us show you how we do it. Expert-led product classes build your internal expertise. With Live Membership, your key users grow with Dayforce through unlimited access to training.

Dayforce MyPath - Complete out of the box training solution for increasing user adoption and productivity
Choose your ideal mix of in-class, online, and self-study delivery to balance speed and effectiveness of training within budget and resource constraints.Extend interactive training to users across the enterprise. MyPath supports a train-the-trainer or individual learner training approach.

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn how Dayforce Education can help you leverage your investment in the transformative technology of Dayforce HCM.

Small Business Payroll (1-50 Employees)

Ceridian makes small business payroll administration and payday easier. We have been helping businesses like yours effectively manage payroll for more than 80 years, perfecting the transformative technology and small business payroll solutions that will meet your needs.

Small business payroll services should be more than just software. Your get the greatest competitive advantage from a trusted partner that provides everything you need to run your payroll and an expert team to help you do it.

With Ceridian’s small business payroll administration, you can:
- Increase accuracy by eliminating manual data entry with complete small business payroll administration
- Save time by outsourcing small business payroll administration
- Boost productivity with real-time payroll previews before you process your payroll and for employees to view their information, pay statements, and year-end forms in Self-Service.
- Improve compliance by ensuring on-time payroll delivery and ongoing new hire reporting

Ceridian’s payroll processing service for small business is a flexible cloud-based solution that reduces payroll complexity and minimizes the burden of compliance, tax filing and technology updates. It offers the features you need to grow your business, such as ad hoc reporting, unlimited history, year-end support, and self-service.

Payroll services for small business offers you the benefits of:
- Your HR and payroll data in one system
- Integration of tax services, including federal, state and local deposits, quarterly and annual filing and reconciliation reports
- Electronic payment options such as direct deposit and payroll cards, as well as paper payroll checks

And, as your business grows, Ceridian offers a path to greater HR, payroll and tax functionality without difficult upgrade paths or switching vendors. This includes:

- HR management of employee information such as compensation, benefits and job history
- Self-Service so that employees update and maintain their information at any time
- Reporting to easily access and review your HR and payroll data

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 today to learn more about how Ceridian’s payroll services for small business delivers trusted results through transformative technology.

Small Business Payroll (51-300 employees)

At Ceridian, we provide payroll services that are more than just software to small and medium-sized businesses. You get the greatest competitive advantage with a trusted partner that provides everything you need to run your payroll and an expert team to help you do it.

With Ceridian’s small business payroll management, you can:
- Increase accuracy by eliminating manual data entry with complete small business payroll administration
- Save time by handling company and employee data from a single source
- Boost productivity by allowing you to review payroll real-time with payroll solutions for small and mid-sized businesses
I- mprove compliance by ensuring on-time payroll processing

Payroll services for small and mid-sized businesses offer you:
- HR, benefits and payroll data in one solution
- Integration of tax services, including federal, state and local deposits, quarterly and annual filing and reconciliation reports
- HR management of employee information such as compensation, benefits and job history
- Self-Service so that employees update and maintain their information at any time with automated workflow to approve changes
- Reporting and analytics to easily access and review your HR and payroll data
- Electronic payment options such as direct deposit and payroll cards, as well as paper payroll checks

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about how Ceridian’s payroll services for growing businesses delivers trusted results through transformative technology.

Payroll Processing (300+ Employees)

Choosing Ceridian for payroll processing means you can:
- Increase accuracy by eliminating manual data entry and redundant processes
- Save time by handling the data from a single source
- Boost productivity by allowing you to review payroll real-time
- Improve compliance by ensuring on-time payroll delivery and reducing unclaimed property reporting obligations

Ceridian payroll processing features:
- Integration of your HR and payroll data in one solution
- Integration of tax services, including federal, state and local deposits, quarterly and annual filing and reconciliation reports
- HR management of employee information such as compensation, benefits and job history.
- Self-service so that employees and managers update and maintain HR-centric information at any time
- Reporting and analytics to easily access and review your HR and payroll data
- Electronic payment options such as direct deposit and payroll cards, as well as paper payroll checks
- Automated employment and salary verification

Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about how Ceridian payroll processing delivers trusted results through transformative technology.

Payroll Tax Filing

If you’re struggling to keep up with ever-changing tax legislation and complex employee situations, consider payroll tax outsourcing to mitigate risk and stay focused on your core business. The nation’s most experienced standalone provider, Ceridian manages total annual liabilities exceeding $180 billion. You can rely on our expertise and comprehensive services to manage your payroll tax filing needs — whether you choose our standalone tax solution, or a bundle of payroll and tax services.

When you partner with Ceridian for payroll tax filing services, you can:
- Eliminate manual processes with automated tax services and payroll integration
- Get peace of mind with a top-rated Tax Trust (Standard & Poor AAAf rating)
- Reduce exposure to fees resulting from noncompliance and late or inaccurate returns
- Customize your tax strategy with a wide variety of add-ons and related tax services

Ceridian provides innovative features and reliable expertise so your staff can remain focused on your business.

Key features include:
- Preparation, filing and depositing of federal, state and local taxes
- Monthly, quarterly and annual returns
- Tax code fallout notifications
- Online access to account activity
- Integration with Ceridian HR/payroll, plus other vendors such as Ultimate, Oracle, SAP and Kronos
- Award-winning customer service

Ceridian also offers several add-on and related tax services to meet your unique needs.
Contact us at 1-800-729-7655 to learn more about how Ceridian's payroll tax filing services deliver trusted results through transformative technology.