The Hive

Recognition is a currency that has extraordinary value to your knowledge workers. It is most powerful when it is timely, and public. The Hive delivers social recognition in real-time, resulting in more engaged and productive employees. Recognition is shared with everyone, creating a collaborative environment that builds on the knowledge and achievement within your organization.

The Hive is a non-monetary system of social recognition that changes how you motivate and retain employees, how your company celebrates success, and how you reinforce your corporate culture and values.

The Hive → For Your Company

The Hive transforms recognition into a business asset. It changes how your organization
can achieve a unique strategic competitive advantage, one driven by your culture, your people,
and their stories – not by an expensive rewards program.

The Hive → For Managers

The Hive helps managers be better managers. The peer-to-peer nature allows employee
contributions that occur outside of the direct view of managers to be captured and shared across
the enterprise.

The Hive → For Employees

The Hive builds personal legacy. It creates a record of an employee’s accomplishments,
and raises their profile. This results in greater day-to-day satisfaction and commitment.