Services Overview

+ Discovery & Applications Program™, our proprietary workplace change management process
+ Best Practices in Managing Workplace Change™, From Resistance to Results™, Surviving Change™, Back on Track™, and other customizable workshops
+ Workspace Utilization Analysis™, to measure actual vs. planned use of space
+ Critical Influence Leadership™, executive educational program introducing a holistic leadership model, necessary for leading an increasingly-diverse workforce in the rapidly-changing work environment
+ Critical Influence Analysis™, to identify barriers to workforce acceptance of imminent changes
+ Work-Time Studies, to create baseline metrics in employee productivity, against which improvements can be measured
+ Surveys, including pre- & post-occupancy, change-readiness, employee engagement, and others
+ Mobile Workforce Management™ training & MobilityWorks™ e-learning solutions
+ Virtual Change Advisory Services™, remote coaching available when you need it; schedule appointments as brief as 30 minutes