Employee Programs

Employee reward and recognition programs are designed to motivate all of the employees in a company, both sales and non-sales. Employee recognition programs can lower turnover rates by keeping your employees motivated and happy.

Employee reward and recognition programs should be customized for your business needs and objectives. Successful programs can reward and recognize employees for achievement in areas such as the following:

* Years of Service
* Safety
* Referral
* Wellness
* Professional Development/Training
* Suggestion
* Gain Sharing
* Quality

Hinda’s innergE® system includes functionality for a peer-to-peer or manager-to-peer program to be easily implemented. Through the use of “discretionary points” which are allocated to all or only select participants, employees may be offered the opportunity to recognize one another with award points. If you wish to operate such a program on a more limited basis, managers may be provided with an allocation of discretionary points, which they can award to outstanding employees.