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Lindsay Colitses
Assessment Use In Hiring - Tools for the Toolbox
Document from Friday, 06/15/2012 (5:28 pm)
Hiring assessments are powerful tools to gather skills and behavioral information on your candidates. The use of a quality hiring assessment will identify the strengths and areas of concern in candidates (before the hire), enabling you to make fair and objective hiring decisions with confidence.

Assessment use also allows you to begin the performance expectation conversation starting on day one of the new hire's employment. This way both you and your new hire know what is expected, alleviating those unfortunate "surprises" of a not good hire, and allowing your new employee the opportunity to improve themselves professionally while employed by you.

The goal in using hiring assessments is to separate the qualified from unqualified candidates before spending time, money and energy on someone who is not a good fit.

In this presentation we will cover the “best practices” of hiring assessments during the candidate selection process.

This presentation will include:

* Making sure you are using the correct tool for the job.
* Behavior & Skills tests – Gain an overview of different types of assessments.
* “Best Practice” use of Behavioral Assessments with examples of behaviors measured and why they are important to job performance.

Colitses is licensed by the Winslow Research Institute, is a trained associate in the ESP – Emergenetics Selection Profile test through Dr. Wendell Williams of Scientific Selection and has a coaching certification through The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. Colitses is also a current member of SHRM, LWHRA, Seattle SHRM, Seattle Management Association and Electronic Recruiting Exchange (ERE).

Please join us for this informative webinar!

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