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Event Calendar / Talent Management 3.0: Analytics, Collaboration, Outcomes
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Talent Management 3.0: Analytics, Collaboration, Outcomes
HR Executives are under intense pressure to provide practical cloud solutions that are simple to deploy, provide near instant value, are low effort to implement, and oh yes, help to predict top performers. A tall order that current HR technologies do little to address.

After a decade of heckling entire organizations to track almost every activity about employees, HR executives have realized their Talent Management solutions do little to help understand the talent in their talent management systems, nor how they can predict top performers.

Today, innovative HR leaders are optimizing their investments in legacy HR platforms by adding analytics generated content about their employees, the people doing the work. These solutions extend the life (and ROI) of Talent Management solutions by quickly populating the system with business relevant talent content that encourage collaboration, engagement and collect critical analytics you can provide to your workforce analytics modelers - all from day one.

Enter Talent Management 3.0: Analytics, Collaboration, Outcomes.

What does Talent Management 3.0 look like? On the business side, this means being able to provide analytics-driven insight (right inside Talent Management software) about direct reports, teammates, cross functional team members, anyone - from hiring through the entire employee life cycle.

Examples include:
· Just in time suggestions for collaborating with direct reports, managers, employees, peers and cross functional teams;
· Suggestions about how an employee learns, embedded directly into Learning Management Systems - to help the trainer understand how to connect with students;
· Suggestions for motivating and engaging employees from day one, helpful for creating compensation plans that actually motivate;
· Insight into the makeup fo a webinar audience, accessed directly from inside Talent Management software to provide meeting leader with tips for being most effective
· On the analytics side, you can provide your data modelers with 11 numbers that correspond to innate traits about each employee, so they can correlate innate human traits to business performance.

All of this data can be dynamically accessed as teams change and reorganize, they can drive greater collaboration and productivity inside teams, cross-functional teams and across the organization. Easily. Quickly.

Talent Management 3.0? Analytics, Collaboration, Outcomes.
05/31/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
05/31/2012 4:00 pm o'clock
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Who should participate:

· Innovators & Early Adopters · HR Directors and Above · HR Technology Product Managers · HR IT · CIOs · Talent Management Vendors · Software Evaluators

What you will learn:

You and your fellow innovators will learn about the benefits of Talent Management 3.0: how analytics-driven talent content drives greater collaboration, yields better outcomes and extends the value and ROI of Talent Management solutions.

Recommended Resources:

What is Talent Content? What are some examples of embedded Talent Content?
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