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Event Calendar / Using Workforce Planning to Drive Your Nonprofit’s Mission
Details & Time Frame
Using Workforce Planning to Drive Your Nonprofit’s Mission
Join us for a Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation-sponsored webinar featuring Vemo Workforce. Peter Louch, founder and CEO of Vemo, will share workforce planning insights as they relate specifically to nonprofit organizations. Peter’s presentation will share these insights by way of a case study of a charter school system that serves high-need, high-risk children and uses workforce planning to more effectively drive its mission. The needs of the charter school are in fact reflective of the burning question that many nonprofits and private businesses have, specifically: How do you deliver on a mission or strategy, ensuring that the right talent and right talent management infrastructure are in place to drive organizational objectives?

Using the charter school system as an example, Peter will discuss how one school identified the key roles in its workforce that are most important to delivering its objectives on a sustainable basis ... not just delivering near-term success, but building a talent infrastructure that yields long-term success and continuity across leadership changes.

Through the story of the case study, webinar attendees will learn the necessary methodology for defining the high-level competencies of critical roles, including how to build consensus among all stakeholders in the process. Peter will also review how gaps in talent were assessed and correlated to school performance. Finally, he will discuss the talent management action plans that have been designed to address these gaps and phased in as a multiyear solution to ensure successful execution of each component.

Register today for this informative webinar, and start furthering your organization's mission tomorrow.

05/02/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
05/02/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

• Workforce planning professionals • Talent management/career management professionals • Executives and HR professionals within nonprofits • General management professionals interested in how to incorporate workforce planning/talent management as critical tools within their management tool-kits

What you will learn:

• How to apply state-of-the-art workforce planning and talent management approaches within the nonprofit environment • How to connect organizational objectives and strategies to identification of critical roles to drive those objectives • How to determine capability gaps and the demand for critical roles in your organization • How to leverage improved understanding of workforce gaps to upgrade organizational performance by creating talent management programs such as career paths/management, development programs, and performance management • How to increase engagement by involving developing talent in the talent management solutions designed to close workforce gaps

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