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Event Calendar / Goal alignment using an integrated approach
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Goal alignment using an integrated approach
A few organizations have some outstanding HR systems in place. They’re focused, robust, and inter-related with other HR systems. However, in most organizations the connection between HR systems i.e. staffing, performance, training, rewards, and succession planning is, at best, hazy. As a result, organizations often staff to one standard, reward to another standard, and train to yet another standard, most of which conflict with the direction of the corporate objectives. This is because many HR systems are created, implemented and managed independently and in silos. As a result, employees fail to see the value in the HR system, and most HR programs fail to achieve its objective. From everyone’s perspective, HR systems appear to be ordinary and a waste of time. One of the best ways to achieve goal alignment is integration with all other HR OD systems. When each HR system is integrated with the goal alignment process, it becomes a closed loop system that creates a checks and balance type of monitoring. Output from one system becomes input into another system. For example; output from the performance system that identifies a high performer can validate giving the employee a merit increase (input) to the rewards system. Conversely, if the performance management systems identify a low performer, it can then validate the “need to have training” from the “nice to have training” to the Training and Development system. Management and employees will begin to understand the relationships between HR systems and appreciate its effort to support and improve employee performance.
04/23/2012 11:00 am o'clock
04/23/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
Lyle Bautista

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR leaders

What you will learn:

1). How to maximize your HR systems. 2). Job profiles must be treated as a living document. They must evolve as the organization goes through its changes. 3). Performance Management is no longer an end of fiscal year event. PM must be real time to maximize employee productivity.

Recommended Resources:

Using Competencies to Create an Integrated HR System - Part 1 Source: – March 8, 2004
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