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Event Calendar / Payroll Administration for International Assignments: Your Road to Success
Details & Time Frame
Payroll Administration for International Assignments: Your Road to Success
International assignments continue to grow in importance as organizations pursue global business strategies. PricewaterhouseCoopers reported in “Talent Mobility 2020” that international assignments have increased by 25 percent over the last decade and they predict an additional 50 percent growth by 2020. One result of this trend is the growing recognition of the need for comprehensive systems and procedures for the administration of international assignment compensation.

Managing international assignment payrolls successfully in both the home and host countries requires a high degree of collaboration, an expert understanding of the deliverables required, and global oversight of the process.

HR/Payroll resources responsible for this administration must pull together to create and maintain the assignment balance sheet, to reconcile the local payroll delivery results, to coordinate data collection and reporting with multiple internal and external teams, and to provide updates to assignees when compensation elements will change.

In this session, we will review why International Assignments are important to our global businesses, why the administration of these assignments is complicated, and how to build a successful payroll administrative process from the ground up.

We’ll help you identify the key roles that are critical to the success of your global mobility program delivery, where to find the resources to administer your payroll program, how to create a standardized process that will fit your payroll organizations across the globe and, finally, how to measure your success.

We’ll also share some best in class international assignment administration models that are producing positive results for global businesses today.

Whether an organization chooses to manage its global mobility program internally or outsource that management to an expert outsource provider, these tips on developing a collaborative, coordinated approach to long term international assignment compensation management will help ensure your success in achieving global business goals.
04/04/2012 12:00 pm o'clock
04/04/2012 1:00 pm o'clock
Sue Wines

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR/Payroll Professionals in Companies Who Operate in Multiple Countries

What you will learn:

1. Why international assignment payroll administration is complicated 2. What your peers are doing to build successful compensation / payroll programs for international assignments 3. How to measure the success of your program

Recommended Resources:

"Collaboration and Coordination: Two Keys to Managing Compensation and Payroll Services for International Assignments" in Forum for Expatriate Managment, June, 2011
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