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Event Calendar / Compensation Reviews in 2012: Examining Your Pay Systems for Discrimination
Details & Time Frame
Compensation Reviews in 2012: Examining Your Pay Systems for Discrimination
The last two years have brought major changes in the legal and regulatory environment regarding compensation discrimination, and there are even more changes on the horizon. These changes encompass both individual claims and claims of systemic discrimination, and affect the policies and procedures employers need to have in place to combat discrimination.

The compensation review is a valuable tool in the employer's risk management arsenal, yet few organizations put this tool to use. In light of the new regulatory environment, and the additional changes coming within the next 12 to 24 months, employers can no longer afford to ignore this important tool.

In this presentation, we discuss the new face of compensation regulation and the challenges employers are now facing with respect to internal pay equity and discrimination claims. Each stage of the compensation review process is presented, from the planning stage through the application of analysis inferences to business processes. Common pitfalls and data issues are discussed, and the importance of grouping employees properly for comparison purposes is emphasized. Concrete examples drawn from real-life situations are used to illustrate each step in the review process and to highlight the effects of common pitfalls.

The presentation concludes with an action plan employers can use to outline their compensation review. The action plan includes a discussion of the kinds of data required for a review, the assessment of internal processes for data collection, records creation and retention, and guidelines for a proactive compensation review program.

04/19/2012 2:00 pm o'clock
04/19/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
Nazia Khamissa

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR and compensation professionals, EEO and Compliance Officers and In-House Counsel who need to understand how to examine their compensation systems for internal pay equity, how to identify potential problem areas, and what steps to take to ensure their compensation systems are free of discrimination.

What you will learn:

• Understand the regulatory changes affecting compensation and what policies and procedures every organization should have in place to ensure compliance; • Understand the stages of a compensation review; • Learn how to conduct a compensation review, from the planning stage through applying the analysis inferences to your business processes; • Learn how to develop an action plan to assess internal processes for data collection and execution of a compensation review.

Recommended Resources:

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