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Event Calendar / Upgrade Your Wellness Program With Smart Incentives
Details & Time Frame
Upgrade Your Wellness Program With Smart Incentives
A large percentage of your employers already have wellness plans, but many may have ineffective, “check-the-box” programs that do little to contain health costs. Dr. Michele Dodds, VP of Health and Wellness at ComPsych, will walk you through smart incentive strategies that will ensure ongoing employee engagement and results in terms of cost reduction and workforce health and productivity.

This session will provide attendees with actionable information on how to design wellness incentives that will drive participation, behavior change and program success through the following discussion points:

• Incentives must be designed to engage at-risk populations, not just those most likely to participate. This takes into account employee age, Internet use, type of occupation and health issues.
• Beware of incentives that appear to have “strings attached” such as wellness programs through the health plan, “discounted” health premiums or contributions to health savings accounts and incentives attached to consumer-driven health plans.
• Punitive incentives (or disincentives) are less effective, as evidenced by participation rates for wellness as a prerequisite for health plan eligibility and other consequences such as employee dissatisfaction and “reluctant participation.”
• Incentives must be valued, which creates goodwill and inspires engagement, as proven by rewards such as gift cards, cash, drawings and days off. Valued incentives also drive ongoing participation, long-term results and employee satisfaction.
• Incentives must be HIPAA-proof and have safeguards for protecting employee information.
• The more options, the better, as evidenced by case studies of employers who used a plethora of incentives and integrated wellness incentives with other total rewards programs.

04/18/2012 3:00 pm o'clock
04/18/2012 4:00 pm o'clock
Michele Dodds

Webcast information

Who should participate:

HR and benefits professionals Wellness and medical directors

What you will learn:

• Trends and benchmarks in wellness incentive spending • Keys to inspiring employee engagement, not just participation • Pros and cons of “carrot” vs “stick” approaches • Case studies of successful incentive programs

Recommended Resources:

Wellness case studies White paper: Smart Incentives that Drive Results
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