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Event Calendar / Going Global: Strategies for Implementing Worldwide Wellness Initiatives
Details & Time Frame
Going Global: Strategies for Implementing Worldwide Wellness Initiatives
What affect does globalization have on implementing a worldwide wellness strategy? And what affect does this have on meeting top objectives which affect bottom line business results?
Within this session we will look at the growth of global wellness and how wellness strategic objectives vary worldwide and by region. A recent global wellness survey found the number one response for organizations not having a Global Wellness Strategy was- ‘Differing cultures, laws, and practices across our regions’**.
We will evaluate the business case around global wellness and the goals and challenges facing multinational companies implementing wellness strategies. We will also explore the fastest growing wellness program elements by region and best practice approaches when rolling out a wellness strategy.
This first half of this session will address:
• Evaluating the internal and external factors affecting global wellness strategies i.e. differing management/communication styles across geographies, differences among countries in laws, cultures and business practices, etc .
• Developing key performance indicators for your Global Wellness Program - i.e. absenteeism, productivity gains, customer service scores, disability claims
• Approaches to functional challenges –
o Localization
o Management Reporting – how reporting identifies specific employee wellness needs across geographies, allowing you to introduce targeted interventions increasing the return on investment of your global wellness strategy
o Data and Privacy – ensure you are adhering to local regulation
• Understanding how to engage Global Employee populations with your Wellness Strategy

Tom Bayley, MBA, Head of Business Development, North and South America at vielife will cover the current state of global wellness in a corporate environment, the growth and trends found in recent years with supporting information taken from trusted sources (Buck Report 2010). He will also cover some key considerations to make before implementing a global health and wellness strategy. Finally, the session will help you build a business case incorporating the challenges, opportunities and best practices of an integrated and global wellness solution.
Tom will cover how to highlight opportunities and best practices for promoting and growing in-country wellness resources with a global wellness program.. Also, he’ll provide guidelines on how to develop key performance indicators that reflect the overall well-being of employees. The second half of the discussion will address:
• How management report data helps drive next step wellness investment
• The importance on integration with in-country next steps (on-site gym, cooking class, walking club, EAP, biometric screening)
• The variety of accessibility for accessing a solution from Online to paper
• Highlight an intuitive engagement strategy for achieving behavior change and delivering return on investment
• Provide guidance on using the data from the assessment to drive decision making on what interventions should be implemented and where
05/15/2012 3:30 pm o'clock
05/15/2012 4:30 pm o'clock
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Webcast information

Who should participate:

Our target market: HR personnel and Corporate Medical Directors from multinational companies. Generally, employee size of 2000+ from any private industry sector, but all interested are encouraged to attend.

What you will learn:

Current Global Wellness Trends The Business Case for Global Wellness Challenges, opportunities and best practice for Global Wellness Strategies and solutions for global roll out and integration of a health solution

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