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Event Calendar / Strategic HR: Enabling Leaders To Drive Strategy, Execution And Change - Part 1
Details & Time Frame
Strategic HR: Enabling Leaders To Drive Strategy, Execution And Change - Part 1
Jeremy Tozer will present a clear strategic role for HR in enabling the creation of the ACE conditions for organizational success —Ability, Clarity, Environment—which result in culture, business performance and reputation.

In particular Jeremy will examine the role of HR as leadership and organization design subject matter experts in defining an organizational leadership philosophy to underpin L&D, OD and wider HR activity which:
• Overcomes the VUCA challenges of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
• Views change, learning and innovation as part and parcel of every-day leadership life, rather than a specific initiative to change from one defined, static state to another defined, static state —a dynamic approach to leading people.
• Develops and sustains organizational leadership capacity as the primary source of strategic competitive advantage.
• Enables effective development and execution of business strategy and the leadership of change and transformation. This includes embedding the systemic and dynamic means of ensuring both work alignment and people engagement through concurrent ‘clarity-creating process’ and ‘social process’.
• Integrates the leadership structure up, down and across organizations and across national and cultural boundaries.
• Defines leadership in terms of skill and knowledge, behaviour and attitude, and ‘intellectual firepower’ to match the complexity of work undertaken.

Jeremy will alsooutline a proven approach to developing this form of collective leadership capability, an approach which also concurrently develops individual leadership behaviour and emotional intelligence —an approach which is guaranteed to more than pay for itself with a measurable financial return on investment. Part 2 of the presentation in April will examine leadership assessment and development in detail.

This will be illustrated with case studies from companies like Cisco, ABN AMRO, Philips and MCI from consulting assignments from across the USA, Asia, Europe and Australasia.

01/29/2013 11:00 am o'clock
01/29/2013 12:00 pm o'clock
Jeremy Tozer

Webcast information

Who should participate:

Chief Human Resource Officers, HR Directors Chief Learning Officers, Heads of Organization Effectiveness, Organization Development, Learning & Development, Leadership Development, Internal Consultants

What you will learn:

  • The ‘ACE Conditions for Success’ and their use as a leadership and HR ‘job description’, and organizational effectiveness diagnostic/leadership 360 mechanism.
  • The four channels of HR and leadership communication.
  • The systemic causes for ineffective development and execution of strategy, and the failure of change.
  • Proven leadership mechanisms to overcome the systemic limitations on execution effectiveness.
  • Organizational leadership capacity: integrating the leadership structure by embedding the systemic and dynamic means of ensuring both activity alignment and people engagement while concurrently developing individual leadership behaviour and emotional intelligence.
  • An overview of leadership development approach guaranteed to more than pay for itself with a measurable financial return on investment.
  • Recommended Resources:

  • Leading through Leaders - Jeremy Tozer
  • The Art of Action - Stephen Bungay
  • Requisite Organization - Elliott Jaques
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