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Event Calendar / Pre-Employment Assessment: HR’s Proven Formula for Bottom Line Success
Details & Time Frame
Pre-Employment Assessment: HR’s Proven Formula for Bottom Line Success
Achieving strong business results depends on hiring and retaining great people. Organizations who recognize that people are their most important asset demonstrate that understanding by establishing effective processes to attract, place and promote the right talent. However, even with the right processes in place, the quality and success of talent decisions is impacted by the quality of information used to make those decisions. In this webinar, you will learn how organizations have successfully incorporated effective pre-employment assessments into their hiring processes.

Implementing pre-employment assessments can offer a variety of benefits, such as providing richer, deeper information than interviews or resume screens, helping hiring managers determine if a potential hire is a good fit for their team and the organization’s culture, driving consistency, and increasing the objectiveness of hiring decisions. But another major benefit, and one that can be quantified, is the impact of pre-employment assessments on key business outcomes such as employee efficiency, productivity, and performance—the outcomes that ultimately drive success for the entire business.

This session will provide examples of the often dramatic results organizations are experiencing using pre-employment assessments, including:

• Satellite TV installers contribute 6% greater productivity, translating into an additional $5,000 in increased productivity per employee annually
• Customer service advisors are 85% more likely to achieve top customer service ratings while contributing 8% greater productivity, translating into a workforce-level impact of over $4 million
• Retail sales associates drive 21% higher sales, translating into an additional $120 million in annual sales revenue
• Insurance agents achieve 22% higher policy sales and are 55% less likely to leave in their first year, translating into $35 million in additional sales and $4.4 million in reduced turnover

In addition, this session will provide background on different types of assessments, and offer practical guidelines and strategies for how to implement an effective, high-quality pre-employment assessment process.
01/15/2013 11:30 am o'clock
01/15/2013 12:30 pm o'clock
Eric Bibeau

Webcast information

Who should participate:

This session is intended for anyone interested in learning about the business impact associated with using pre-employment assessments as part of the hiring process. In addition business leaders that are interested in understanding how Human Resources can leverage assessments to positively impact bottom line results.

What you will learn:

Please join us as we will be covering the following:
  • The different types of assessments and how they are used most effectively
  • Examples of how pre-employment assessments provide business impact
  • Practical tips for implementing effective pre-employment assessments
  • Outcomes that organizations can expect through the use of assessment tools
  • Recommended Resources: Click here
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